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  1. Damnit. I have problems with pixels. Everytime it looks good, but it's red and background is black, and there are white pixels on the red thing :x
  2. Ok. Alsoo, Can I make a Circle-sized "screen" for painting? Maybe you understand me. Also, I wanna copy something. I select it with magic wand, do ctrl+c and ctrl+v but says I doesn't contain an image
  3. Hello guys, I'm making a logo for our class. How can I get very good looking colors?
  4. How do you guys get so realistic colors when drawing characters (if you don't cut them off somewhere) ?
  5. Lets celebrate that with gif! Pacman is all nervous... Edit: Sorry for this, it's my first gif animation.
  6. Ain't this a little tim and space on HD consuming? If you want something gooad astick figure just doin something, it will take many gifs right?
  7. Not bad. Pretty good. Picture for funnay! Did this make anyone laugh? Edit: Weapon of mass destruction!
  8. I think Ash got apprentice? :shock: Edit: A little thing I made. Edit: DAMNIT! I just noticed the pic is a lil... moved... I dunno what happened to it
  9. Shouldn't we all try to make a present for ash in PDN?
  10. Granted. You have a sword. Paper sword. I wish that my Dwarf Fortress will not mess up.
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