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  1. Thank you for your teaching This is what I do ^ ^
  2. There are two problems. One does not solve the problem. Second, to solve the problem. Q1: Q2:
  3. Yes!! I have to use dual monitors, when I shut down one of them can be a normal use. Thank you! I solved the problem. ^ ^
  4. When I press the start Shape3D This Paint.NET plugin, the entire Panit.NET have not stopped moving, Even if the press did not respond to this, Must be shut down from here. ps. my English is very bad, so I use the translation.
  5. Wow. Ok, I think I can answer that last question. There is no place where you can download all the plugins at once. The plugins are available for individual download in the Plugin section of the forum. If Shape3D is crashing on you, you can try redownloading it here: [link]. If that fails, you can post in that thread for support. Sorry!! I have tried to re-download Shape3D, but the same situation.
  6. Paint.NET v3.36 reinstall some plug-ins can not be used, the following chart, I would like to ask how to deal with. This plug-in does not appear on the map Shape3D.dll, but no tools option, the following chart, and no action, only action can not Paint.NET. ps. I would like to ask where to download all the plug-ins first place?
  7. I am sorry! I do not know English, But like the teaching of the forum very much, Thank you for your guidance very much too at the same time, These characters all use the translation software, Hope that you can understand my meaning. Whether you say the red and enclose the part enclosed, I do not know this. >>>【it will make the image look even better】.
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