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  1. I suppose so, but wouldn't that end up rotating the "reflected object" as well? At least that's what happened when I gave it a try. Are you suggesting splitting the reflection from the object itself and then rotating the "reflection layer"? Or would you have to have two versions of the object that you want reflected, do the reflection on one, rotate it, and then remove the actual object from that and merge with the other one? I guess the question is, could you have something that was perfectly vertical, and then still have the reflection come at an angle? Just curious
  2. I'm not sure if this is possible otherwise, but would there be some way to customize the direction that the reflection goes? I'm pretty much a graphics n00b--I usually leave that to my architect fiancee :wink: Anyways, I ask because it would seem like that would be useful for achieving certain mirror/ glass effects--help make the effect of sunlight streaming through colored/stained glass. Probably a silly idea, but thought I would put it out there. These tutorials and plugins are great. Much better than the GIMP--at least for me.