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  1. And on images that would be a little harder to cut out the background, you could use this tutorial. viewtopic.php?t=4841 The one boltbait showed you would be best for that image, seeing how the background is all white, but when the background is another image or colors really close to the thing you want to keep, this one would be better.
  2. My suggestion. Blender. Btw, read the rules. Mostly number 6. We should have an idea of what you want just by reading the title of this thread.
  3. Tutorial disappeared magically somewhere last week :?: Wormholes of universe, I guess :? Anyway, I reloaded it now. Great, thanks! Its a great tutorial btw.
  4. Can you please make this plugin faster? Its a great plugin, and I use it a lot, but its just really, really slow.
  5. You cant now. Maybe sometime in the distant future (version 4.0 maybe?). I dont see this being included soon though.
  6. I saw that. @ Honda on the vista ad thing. Lol, but you forgot to start with a W. Btw, does anybody go to the chat anymore? Its always empty.
  7. Cool, thanks. Ive been using this plugin a lot more lately it seems like.
  8. Adjustments/Autolevel. Maybe? As for a quicker way to fix that, there isnt a one button fix all feature in paint.NET. Theres a reason why paint shop pro and photoshop are commercial products. There are a lot of ways to fix stuff like this in paint.net, but it would require using a plugin like we've shown you, which although they get the job done, they arnt as fast as commercial products would be.
  9. After you enter the text, theres no way to change it. Are you talking about something like this? I dont have Microsoft Expression Design, so im not sure what exactly text on path is.
  10. Oh yea. I forgot this one. Heres what I would reccomend for fixing color issues like that. Boltbaits Color balance plugin. That, color tint/filter, or conditional Hue & Saturate will all get the job done.
  11. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=20318&start=0 You could try color filter or color tint. Also, if you post a picture on what you're talking about, it would be a ton easier to help you.
  12. Its up to the plugin author and Rick to decide whether of not a plugin should be included into paint.NET. Some will be, but not all of them. And you're having trouble installing plugins? Have you read this?
  13. Are you just zooming out? That doesnt resize, but changes the scale of the ruler. To resize, go to Image/Resize or press ctrl+r
  14. Theres nothing you can do to use this font in paint.NET again, unless paint.NET starts supporting openfonts, which I dont see happening anytime soon.
  15. Just at first. You get used to it though. Its not like the GIMP with a bad interface. Its just got a different interface. And if you a simpler but not nearly as powerfull 3D modeler, you can try Anim8or. @Oma. That looks really good. Nice and simple, but still looks good.
  16. Paint.NET has never worked with openfonts. There wasnt some bug way back that let people use openfonts, and there wasnt some time that pdn supported openfonts, but Rick said, "Bye openfonts. Ill get rid of you just for fun." They have never worked. It must have been a different font that you were using or something.
  17. I believe it is the third link. (I could be mistaken, however.) According to the title of that page, thats HDR in CS2, not PdN.
  18. What happened to the tutorial? Im not seeing it anymore.
  19. @CMD. Why? @adhanberry. Same here... @British panda. Welcome to the forums!
  20. Make a radial gradient with black and blue as your colors.
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