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  1. what do you need? A background is just a picture. Just draw something, and its a background
  2. If you still can't find it, it defauts to "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET"
  3. its not under a folder, but its just a file. It shows up around the end on mine as "paint.NET"
  4. "entry-level version of its Photoshop" yea, im saying this wont be big. PDN is a ton better than photoshop, and an entry-level version of photoshop wont have a chance
  5. "supported by advertising" I havnt heard of it, but if they do it, im not sure how much people will use it. Its only web based, and will be full of ads. I like paint.net a lot more than photoshop
  6. Got some snow? we've had a ton where i live. ill show some pictures if i can find the cable for my camera
  7. yea, i love this program. Before this, i was using the gimp. paint.net OWNS the gimp
  8. Avatar: I dont know. I just came up with it when i was messing with pdn Siggy: Same thing. This turned out really poorly though. Ill change it soon. It looked better when i was making it than it does now i think.
  9. I think this would be a cool new edition. My computer sucks, and freezes sometimes. Whenever i'm in pdn, I ussualy have 5-10 seperate things open. The timer thing seems kind of useless. I used to do something like that with a different program, but sometimes in pdn im just on a roll and dont feel like stopping to save.
  10. thanks for the pivot update. The site i use (snapfiles.com) hasn't updated it. Just as a note though, that site is where i found this program. It also needs to be updated. Its only at 2.72, not 3.01
  11. yea, my schools firewall does the same thing. All last year it blocked google.
  12. I used to do ppt animations too. Then about a year ago, i found a program called Pivot Stickfigure Animator. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/stickfigure.html Its a lot easier to make nice stickfigure animations with that than ppt.
  13. ok, so the weather in colorado has been pretty messed up all winter. It started december 22 or 23, forget the day. I woke up, and we had 3 feet of snow outside, and it was still snowing. I couldnt see out the windows, because they were all covered up. After that week, we got snow pretty much every week untill just recently. Its been pretty warm, 50s and 60s, and the snows been melting. we were two days away from breaking the record for snow on the ground for the longest in a row, but its all melted now. Because all the snow, the streets and driveways are just trashed. Potholes everywhere. We havnt had any snow for a while, but tonight, another blizard is expected, and i think they're saying 9-11 more inches. This is the most messed up winter by far that I have seen, and it's not stopping anytime soon. March and April are our snowiest months.
  14. To make something transparent, first off put it on a new layer. After that, theres a button on the bottom right of the layers window. Click it, and on the bottom of the layer properties windo, just slide the opacity thing to where you want it. 255=opaqe, and 0 = complete transparent
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