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  1. I dont know what the best is, but jpope has made some pretty cool one. Check out the pictorium.
  2. Umm... Isnt this pretty much the exact same thing as this? http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2667 EDIT: Wow, thats funny. All 3 of us said the same thing at pretty much the same time.
  3. Wow, thanks a ton guys. Extra, I would give you a 9.5/10 on yours.
  4. Yea jpope, I hate you now. We all look so bad. Accualy, thats pretty cool. Im going to have to try something really fancy now.
  5. I just made my new sig. There's still some work to be done on it. I'll give the gold a little more shine, and i'll change the text up a little bit.
  6. Heres my current sig Im still working on it a bit though. Im not liking the text, and I'll touch it up a little. Hopfully I'll have the final version by tommorow.
  7. Something like this? http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... hlight=ice
  8. Yea, those are the only two you really need, except also alt-tab.
  9. ...a days after you install paint.net on a computer, it is at the top of the start menu, topping your browser and word. (happened here, and I use my browser and word a ton) ...you have 5 different macros in your browser, just for different parts of the forums (saved me a ton of time)
  10. Anybody have any idea whats going on to cause this? Ive tried all i think of, but can't fix it
  11. I have been working on a sig for a LONG time now. My first one ended up really bad, so i took that down, and have just been working on a different one. Its looking pretty good now, but has a ton more work to be done.
  12. Looks pretty nice. I have a picture that this can be done to, but its on my crashed hard drive.
  13. Windows-M minimizes all the windows. Windows-D brings the desktop to the top. Not all things can be minimized, so I use Windows-D.
  14. Funny, im getting 115 results for "paint.net sucks". Well anyways, i was reading through them, and some say stuff like it sucks time aways 'cause its cool. Others are saying stuff about how it sucks, but they were using a really old edition of it, and thats been fixed or improved by now. Most of them though are saying there is a lack of plugins. These are just the people who dont bother clicking help/plugins while running pdn.
  15. I just noticed this. In the freeware site i use, pdn is gaining popularity. It is owning the GIMP, and the only graphics editor it is behind is PhotoFiltre, but they are closed to being tied.
  16. Yes, im using 3.05. I dont see PdnLib.dll in the installation directory
  17. I already did that, and im still not seeing them.
  18. Ive been getting tons of problems with Paint.net lately. First off, im being forced to use a different computer than usual. At first, it wouldnt install. The microsoft install cleanup found in the install/uninstall sticky fixed that though. Now im having problems with plugins. I downloaded some plugins, moved them to Paint.NET\Effects, but they arn't showing up in paint.net. Any idea how to fix this?
  19. Yea, brushes would be cool. Also, a spray paint tool. A really cool addition, not sure what everybody else thinks about this though, would be a fullscreen mode. That is the only thing I liked about the GIMP. This is really good when you're working with larger pictures.
  20. usedHONDA said: Same thing pretty much happened to me. My computer with pdn and all the graphics i did broke. First thing i did was start while using a different computer was come to this site, and install pdn.
  21. I was on that day, just not then. UsedHONDA's right though. Just wait untill pdn 4 is out, and there should be a huge spike of people again.
  22. ...on purpose, you take bad pictures just so you can touch them up with paint.net (guilty)
  23. Nobodys going to even try the game? Its a pretty fun and addicting game, but it just doesnt look that way at first. You just have to know what to do, and it gets really addicting.
  24. I thought the exact same thing, but its pretty fun. Yea, its just text based though. If anybody starts playing it, message me (my character name is Frojo) and i could set you up with a ton of stuff.
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