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  1. 8/10 rainshadow. Its kinda simple, but still looks pretty cool EDIT: That is your previous sig. You edited it while i was posting. Ill give your new one 6/10. Its just text and a simple animation. BuzzKill wrote: I still dont like it. It is noise + motion blur + emboss. Hopefully Ill get a new one up in a day or two.
  2. Wow. If I get over one row on my desktop, I clean it up.
  3. FrEak 9/10 Animations are always cool. Ill do one for my next avatar
  4. Ok, better title. To crop an image, select what you want it to be cropped to with the rectangle select. Then go to image/crop to selection
  5. *Change the title of this topic. Check the rules*
  6. What I do to make a sig is get in paint.net, mess around with it for a while, then when I get a nice texture, work from there. Whatever your style is, come up with something to show that off.
  7. *Get rid of the "im new" part of the title* To answer some of your questions, for the text tool, once you click out of it, you can't click back on (i think). You have to use the magic wand. To make a collage, make a large image (way bigger than the images you will be working with) and just post them on that.
  8. Yea, i checked that like 20 minutes ago. When I started with the forums, I was way more active. I took kinda a break, and im active again now. Still, these forums are always in either the first or second tab of my browser
  9. Im still working on mine. Its not the gray thats the problem, but the text. Also, im improving the gold a little. I guess i could work on that now EDIT: And about the gray, I wasnt planning on doing that. I was just kinda messing around, and it was made through the magic of xor Another EDIT: I would have been done with this a while ago, but im stuck with only the plugins that come with paint.net
  10. It just kinda had a plain background. Your current sig is cool though. 10/10
  11. Congrats on the 100th post. I just reached that a day or so ago.
  12. Thats pretty funny. I wouldnt really care for a more orginized GIMP, 'cause im not going back to it ever since I discovered paint.net
  13. Thanks barkbark. My eyes only hurt a little now The new ones are pretty cool
  14. Yea, my eyes hurt now. Also, im not sure if ive said this before, but i love your sig firefly. 10/10
  15. Heh, i was going to make this thread in like a day when i make my new avatar. ps. I know my avatar sucks. I would give it like a 4/10. BoltBait: 8/10 JELP: 7/10 (it reminds me of a game on my calculator) usedHONDA: 8/10 Extra: 9/10 Firefly: 8/10 (its a cool background, but i dont really like the animation) rainshadow: 8/10
  16. I think it will be fine without a help file. Paint.net is really easy to learn. It will cut down bandwidth a ton.
  17. And the wost at spelling Anyways, ill try it and see how close i can get
  18. Why is it impossible? It just looks like you use a paintbrush and write text, then use a smaller paintbrush and scribble around the text.
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