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  1. Its not easy. Pdn is a 2D graphics editor, and there is no way to easily do 3D graphics and shading (Besides the Shape3D tool) Can you post a picture of what you have or what you want to create so we can better understand?
  2. I have the honor of not being a mod! I think somebody is abusing their power...
  3. Therse a bevel plugin. Look in the plugin section.
  4. I hate it when people do that... Anyways, the second one has a "Buy 4 and get 1 free" deal on it. That, or just download for free off the site.
  5. My suggestion for the first one. Chaoscope EDIT: Image/Resize is how to resize images.
  6. If your school allow you to use USB thumb drives on the system. Install PDN with all the plugins. move everything on the thumb drive. Next day just plug it in I forgot to put it all on my flash drive, so I just downloaded and installed it. (Yes, the school computers do not stop you from downloading and installing stuff. Im suprised as well.) Ill just move all the plugins and pdn to my documents. ...you go through all of this just so you can use paint.net in a photoshop class.
  7. Its a virus. Your best hope is to give your computer to me. Why do my school computers have it so you can only have 100mb of stuff in your documents, yet I have over 300mb of just photoshop brushes?
  8. This was discussed about a while ago. Someone said that Rick said he might be adding several new blend modes in soon. And if Hue is added, Saturation will probobly also be added. They go together kinda, like color burn/color dodge.
  9. ...You install pdn on your school computer in your graphics arts class, even though they reset everytime the computer is restarted, therefor you will have to reinstall every day. (Im doing that tommorow. I need the stuff that photoshop lacks. (Yes, pdn has stuff that photoshop doesnt, such as better curves (especialy if you use curves+), better clouds tool, Shape3D (photoshop has somethign like this I think, but not as good), and ill add all the plugins too.)) EDIT: Better gradient tool, easier UI, better blurs, and a ton of other stuff. Also, it will be a TON faster than photoshop on those computers anyways. ...You get offtopic talking about all the stuff that pdn has and photoshop doesnt.
  10. Fixed. I knew it! I used this effect yesterday. I took my time and got all the setting exactly how I wanted them, then my instict was to click OK. I did, and I guess I hit cancel. I had to go back and set everything to what I wanted again. I didnt know they were switched, I thought I just clicked the wrong button. Its always nice to have something to blame stuff on though. Well anyways, good to see that it is fixed.
  11. My shows = Anything on the discovery/history channel, anything on comedy central, and the stuff on fox that isnt bloody potato.
  12. I think this is something that belongs in the overflow. Well anyways, ive got some suggestions for the picture you have there. 1. Make the text stand out a little more, by changing the colors or adding drop shadows or something 2. Do something about the hand, so it doesnt just look like a chopped off hand floating in the air. 3. Add something to the book to make it a little less plain, maybe torn/worn edges, text maybe, or a less plain texture. 4. Add somethign with the white things in the background so it looks a little bit less like just a gradient. Change the color, and maybe the shape so they arnt just rectangles. Something like this would be amazing, but you dont have to make it that nice. 5. Finnaly, clean up the edges on the hand and torch.
  13. First off, these arnt photoshop forums. Second, image/resize, then change the dropdown near the bottom to centimeters, and you can get the size you want for the poster.
  14. Wow. This plugin just seems to be getting more and more amazing. Great job Tanel! Btw, I love the idea of the review button.
  15. barkbark00 said: I was just going to suggest that too. Other than that, this plugin has gotten a ton more advance, and ill be using this a ton from now on.
  16. And if you're having trouble finding something, you could always try searching for it instead of creating a new thread. Its a ton faster and easier.
  17. Ash, wow. That is amazing. How many layers is that thing?
  18. @Jerkfight, That looks really cool. Some of the edges are pretty jagged though. @agent387, looks great. The colors all go together, and its not the standerd plain rectangle shape. The text seemes a bit squashed though.
  19. Click around the middle of the image. If you click one of the nubs (little squares on the border of the selection) then it will stretch it. Click around the middle of the image, and you should be ok.
  20. True, but it would be easier if it was automatic. Unless this is added sometime in the future, we'll just have to live with this. Its just a couple more seconds of our lives to name layers what we want them though.
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