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  1. Look for it in the paint.net folder. (Go to my computer, click on the C:\, program files, paint.NET
  2. Wait -- you're nine years old?!? Okay, new rant: I wasn't NEARLY that smart 13 years ago! :-) Although within three or four years of that time, I'd taught myself basic HTML, so I suppose it's not too bad... Well you just made me feel stupid... Im teaching myself html in another tab right now... and im 15 Well at least at 13 I was teaching myself C++, which is way more advance than html. [/offtopic]
  3. I'd say thats really good swistak. Nice smooth edges, 3D look, realistic shading. I see nothing wrong with it.
  4. ^Spam The reason we are using paint.net is either because we dont need somethign as big and complex as photoshop, or if you're like me and dont have a ton of money to spend on it.
  5. It might be something wrong with Internet explorer. Which version is it? And btw, this should belong in the overflow.
  6. [50]The Legend of Zelda series [50] The Halo series [55] The Worms series [55] The Need for Speed series [55] The Elder Scrolls series [50] The Command and Conquer series [50] The Metroid series [55] The Super Mario series Wow, the Sims died before I even had a chance to post.
  7. Anything but a website will be fine with me. Perferably winamp because ill be working on one soon due to the release of winamp 5.5, but an OS pack would be great as well.
  8. I did? Dont remember that, but ok. For vista, dont get home basic. Anything else will work, but they really limit basic. Also, I dont thing shew is a word
  9. Man, is everybody getting that card? I got one, and ive heard of a lot of other people who have. Also, something you should know, when microsoft released vista sp1, it will come with directx 10.1, which your card will not support. I found out about that shortly after ordering my card.
  10. Browse the tutorial section. Heres a tutorial for creating nice and sharp glass buttons. Theres lots of other stuff in that section on how to create nice and glossy things.
  11. Nice Oma! It looks amazing. The one problem I have with it is the big seam on the background texture around the top right
  12. Ill definatly be using this a ton. Great job again.
  13. Worms Elder Scrolls Command and Conquer Super Smash brothers Grand theft auto World of Warcraft
  14. I remember you mentioning it a long time ago... Anyways, we should really do winamp now to celebrate the upcoming release of winamp 5.5
  15. My rant. Rapidshare. Why? Ok, so im trying to download some stuff, but because rapidshare has the max filesize as 100mb, it was a 2 part download. I just finished the first part, and try to download the second part and get this: Im not going to pay just so I can download stuff. I hate how sites do that. When I was downloading the first part of the videos, I had to wait about 10 minutes because too much people were downloading from the site at the time. These sites try to torture you untill you finally decide to pay. The only benifits for paying to download stuff is that they stop torturing you.
  16. Can't you "reinstall" Paint.NET and select "Set it as my default "X" editor?" using the Advanced option in the installer? You can do that for 2 or 3 of the filetypes. I forget which ones, but I dont think jpg is one of them. You can rightclick a jpg file though, go down to open with, click choose program, find paint.net (its located in c:/program files/paint.net), select it, and make sure you have the box that says something like "Always open this kind of file with this program" checked, and hit ok.
  17. Blender or anim8or would be the most realistic way to do it, but it might be easier in pdn or GIMP depending on the complexity. For simple stuff, you could do it in pdn or GIMP, but if you are working on a big file and you want realism, I suggest rendering it. I agree with you that blender would make it even easier and such. I only gave gimp after watching the video, since I see the guy use lots of brushes for that image. Those videos are about people doing stuff in a program that isnt meant for it, or stuff that would be really hard. Kinda like all those ms paint videos on those people making all that cool stuff. In order to do realistic shading in a 2D editor, you need to visualize the image as 3D, and have the lighting effects affect the image based on your view of the 2D image. There is no 2D editor that can get shading easily, and thats why people make videos on them doing it. To show off their skills. Its just like how ms paint isnt made for anything but the most basic of all basic graphics, yet people show off and make videos of them doing amazing stuff in it.
  18. Its terrible at my school. IE6 is the best browser on their computers. They have that, and some ancient version of firefox, which takes 20x longer to start up than IE6, no support for tabs, and a ton of other stuff. Im not sure what version it is, but its terrible. Anyways, go Avant browser! EDIT: Honda, that thing about IE is true. I was helping my friend with his computer a while ago, and they were using IE6. Its ok though, I got them firefox. EDIT2: You passed 4000 posts! Congrats!
  19. Yea, I suggest starting with tom jacksons tutorial on making fire. Its stickied in the tutorial section. Theres lots of other tutorials out there also, but this is a great one to start on. Also, you spelled effect wrong.
  20. Blender or anim8or would be the most realistic way to do it, but it might be easier in pdn or GIMP depending on the complexity. For simple stuff, you could do it in pdn or GIMP, but if you are working on a big file and you want realism, I suggest rendering it.
  21. Jeese enormator. Dont you know these forums rules? @Bossk. Nobody really knows... I moved my color window off the screen and I cant get it back. I tried reinstalling it, but still nothing. I went out and got a new computer, and it was ok for a little bit, then I did it again. I dont have money for a new computer, so what do I do?
  22. Layer/import from file Also, read rule number 6. This isnt descriptive enough
  23. Yea, thats not easy. My suggetion would be blender, but if you want to do it in paint.net, it would take a long time, and theres no easy way to do it. All I can think of is paintbrush/blurs, which is kinda like what the guy in that video you showed me did. Its not easy to make 3D looking stuff in a 2D editor.
  24. This page is half evil! :evil:/2 Also, http://crave.cnet.com/8301-1_105-977962 ... =cnetfd.mt Also, cmd, recheck the xhtml on a ton of pages on your site. I thought I'd test out that validator thing on your pages, and am getting a ton of errors. Just thought I'd let you know.
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