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  1. This was canceled (im pretty sure) due to the fact that fewer and fewer users dont have the .net frameworks. It comes with most new computers and vista as well.
  2. Lol. That family guy episode was funny. It could use a transparent background though. Also, some feathering and it would be perfect.
  3. Never get vista basic! Not just the fact that looking at it will make you want to switch back to xp, but they limit it way too much. Vista is not worth the upgrade yet. Vista basic is the worst of vista.
  4. Looks nice zookey. It looked kinda like the sublime logo for a second though
  5. If you want to make animations, read this: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2492&start=0 But remember, paint.net is an image editor, not an animator
  6. You can also try using Boltbaits and Illnabs gradient plugin. Select the letters you want, then select the same color for the primary and secondary colors (It cannot be black, white, or gray. Also, if you click on the more button on the colors window on the bottom right, Under RGB, you want one of those values to be at or around 255.) Then, use the gradient plugin and check the bubble that says HSV long. That will create a rainbow effect.
  7. [85] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 [55] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild [60] Shape3D by MKT S3D is amazing, but its uses are not as good as alpha mask or curves+
  8. I havnt been around too much recently. Ill still pop in from time to time though.
  9. Read the second post in the link that bob posted. That seems to help a ton of issues.
  10. jacksbf123, dont yell. Read the rules. KingofTwilght, if you mean the water in jackspf123's post, thats a plugin. Reflection water
  11. Go Avant! Btw, wasnt this thread already done before?
  12. Plugins add more features to paint.net. An example of a something that adds an additional feature is shape3D. With that, you can turn your image into a realistic 3D shape. Other plugins are enhanced versions of features already in paint.net. An example of that is curves+, which is a much more powerful version of curves. Just browse the plugin section and try some of the stuff. Heres you you install plugins And it would be impossible to create a plugin that cuts out an image perfectly for you.
  13. This has been talked about before. I forget the exact reason, but simply put, this wont be done. Too much work.
  14. Im still yet to try Alpha 2, but I liked all the new things in Alpha 1. Mostly how a plugin crashing wont result in pdn crashing. Its not uncommon for a plugin to crash on me, and it seemed like everytime they did crash, it was with something I was working on for a long time and still yet to take a 2 second break to save it. Well I was doing the same thing a little while ago. This was about 30 minutes after creating a new image, and it still wasnt saved. Then, a plugin crashed and I was able to continue working with it. Btw, im not a fan of the photoshop'ish layout, but im sure Ill get used to it. Also, it will make any photoshop work I might do in the future a bit easier.
  15. I got my ram upgrade (4gigs for me, 1gig for family) the other day. My computer runs at pretty much the same speed it seems like. Its hard to beat perfect. I finnaly got around installing the ram on the family computer, and this thing finnaly has some speed to it. Ive got music playing and my virus scanner thing is scanning, and im also able to acctualy do other stuff on the computer. Ussualy when its scanning, I either have the choice to wait untill its done or cancel. Now it can be scanning and I wouldnt even know. What I hate about the family computer though is that it has a better processer than my computer... Still though. At least this computer is now useable. I should get paint.net to work on it sometime, especially seeing how now Ill have the memory needed to work with some of my larger and layered files. @Thevoid. Theres .ca extensions. For example, google.ca is the canada google. The reason I know that is that my school used to block google images, but not google.ca images which returned the same things. EDIT: Wow. A strict scan took just over 15 minutes.
  16. After looking at what is new, theres one thing I dont like. The fact that median is in the noise submenu. Id much rather have it in the blurs. I hated that in photoshop because after all my experience with paint.net, I just couldnt get used to it. Maybe now that paint.net switched, maybe I will. It just seems to make more sence in the blurs submenu though. Other than that the features look great. Im downloading now and checking this out. Ive waited for this version for a while.
  17. Ok guys, promote me back now. Yea, you really could not have tried that at a worse time. If the servers were up for .01 seconds more, you would have been promoted before the server went down. It was still hilarious though. Anyways, 3 on right now. Im the only one who's acctually talking though...
  18. But that means uH can't be in uH anymore...... Take it to offtopic. Keep this thread what its meant for.
  19. I was just going to, but I got disconected... EDIT: Lol EDIT2: I was really typing your name into the thing to unban you right when the servers went down. The next mod or founder there could unban you. I cant now becuase ive got to go to work.
  20. Honda, you really did come in within the second I said that.
  21. Thanks a ton. I was trying to finish it but I had to work. Now maybe I have time. Seconds BB00's idea. Right now it seems like if you dont get all the points possible to begin with, you wont have a chance to win.
  22. ^Where did you get lost? This looks like it would work with modern versions, especcialy seeing how no versions have been a rearangement of the tools/effects.
  23. ^Nice! I like the shine on it. The edges seem nice and smooth, and the water looks really great. Great colors as well. I see nothing wrong with it.
  24. Ok, so it says that I wont get points if the things are stock images and not made by me, but if I make something in blender, it would be counted as a stock image although it was made by me. Would I get points or not? And what if its only partialy made in blender/stock image and the rest done in pdn? Would I get points for that?
  25. [60] The Legend of Zelda series [30] The Worms series [25] The Command and Conquer series [50] The Metroid series [50] The Super Mario series Its a tough choice between worms and comand and conquer, but im going to have to go with worms for now.
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