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  1. You're wrong, as nothing is legal in Utah. Not even causing a catastrophe. I dont see why its illegal to hunt whales in Utah. It would take skill to catch a whale there.
  2. ...You install PdN in your graphic arts class even though it has CS2
  3. No btw honda, im listening to serj right now Mudvayne?
  4. A computer isnt a console though. Its defiantly the best for games though IMO. Also, for games, vista beats xp (due to directx 10 being amazing), although the huge jump in minimum requirements for games for vista from xp is kinda bad (my processor is at least 1 GHz below the supposed minimum for pretty much all of my games due to vista) And yes, im working on programming games. Small time though. I dont have enough time to devote to programming, and im way too young to be getting a full time job as a game programmer.
  5. Im 3 posts away from #13 in post counts! So if I post this message, then head over to some of the forum games, I should re-gain that position! :twisted: But yea, it REALLY doesnt matter. It doesnt make you look any better. You dont get any reward. Nothing changes. I'd rather be some guy with very little but meaningful posts then a ton of spammy, pointless posts.
  6. NES = Great start with some great 2D games SNES = A more powerful console, mastering 2D games with some of the greatest games N64 = A start at 3D, but a little too soon IMO. Still some alright games, but not too impressive of a console Gamecube = A huge step in power from the N64. Lots of great games, and really fun. Wii = Looks good, but I dont know enough to rate it. Ill be getting one soon hopefully, mostly for brawl and crysis. The ability to purchase older games and play on your wii looks good, but ill have to wait to see how cool this console is. PS = Really fun. Some of my favorite games of all time were playstation games. PS2 = Pretty impresive. Large selection of great games. Also a really great console. PS3 = Not sure, but it looks amazing. If I were to choose between this and a 360, I would get this without a doubt. Xbox = Not as fun as PS2. I pretty much hate xbox's Xbox 360 = bloody potato. I hate it. I dont think I could be any more against xbox's. Dont bother asking me what I have against them, because theres just too much. As for a favorite, im not sure. PS and PS2 are pretty good, but the SNES is also really good, but in different ways. EDIT: NEVER!! Well maybe someday, but for now, im sticking with directx
  7. Sure, just pm me all of your bank information, credit card information, pin number, ect. and ill do it for you. How do I uninstall paint.net?
  8. Not right now, but ill add a couple songs soon. Bullet for my Valentine?
  9. Heres a couple of good bands and good songs of theres. Some of the bands I would say have already been said, but I have to post my opinions on Disturbed's best songs. Atreyu: Becoming the Bull Slow Burn Right Side of the Bed Doomsday When Two are One Bullet for my Valentine: Take it Out on Me The Poison Just Another Star My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars Hand of Blood Disturbed: Just Stop Land of Confusion Guarded Stupify Deify Five Finger Death Punch: The Bleeding The Devil's Own Meet the Monster Death before Dishonor Can't Heal You From Autumn to Ashes: The After Dinner Payback Where do you Draw the Line Sugar Wolf Travel Mudvayne: Dull Boy King of Pain A World so Cold Fall into Sleep Happy?
  10. Panik - Geht ab They're like a German linkin park
  11. Im ussually only in the overflow now, just because im not active enough. I show up every now and then for a couple minutes. Ill probobly become active again soon though. Who knows. I might finish a sig and avatar
  12. I disagree so badly i want to throw a brick at your head. Its not a blur, it just is used sometimes to blur things like on tv and stuff. Blurs mix the colors. Pixelate just pixelates the image.
  13. is posting from my archos 605 while connected to my tv also i cant find the enter key on this remote... i would say that this is one of the best if not the best mp3 players out there today if you dont mind carrying a brick in your pocket. other than its size it is an amazing pmp just found the enter button...
  14. Thats a good song. I wish I could hear it but my speakers arnt working for some reason right now for some reason (probobly not plugged in). And also, HD-DVD died about a month ago, which i think is great. Blu-ray all the way! Now all i need to do is get a blu-ray drive for my computer.
  15. [35] A&W [75] Panda Express [70] Pizza Hut [55] Subway [35] Taco Bell [25] Wendy's DIE SUBWAY! Ive gotten food poisoning the last 2 times ive eaten there. And also, I work at Quiznos
  16. that's exactly why I'm doubting it's enough.. 2 graphics card and a quad core, well, I would guess that would be right on the edge of 700W, but that's just a guess, which is why it should be checked 8800GT's arnt bad at all. Its just that getting 2 of them will cost about the same as 1 9800, which looks like it would have much more powerful. Its also a lot easier to upgrade a computer if you get 1 really good card than 2 alright cards.
  17. Dont get the 8800 gt's. Wait a month or so for nvidia to relelase the 9800, and get one of those.
  18. Heres my simple slogan thats sure to get people to try it: Paint.NET: Its free
  19. It looks like microsoft is learning from the fact that vista is a $100+ piece of bloody potato. Windows 7 is supposed to be released in 2009-2011. It seems like vista, but without all of the flaws with vista. Its too soon to tell it this will be the new xp/2000, but hopefully it will be a lot better than vista. Windows > Mac still, but thats only because im forced to use windows in order to run all of my windows stuff, and that its better for gaming.
  20. If you ever try Crysis in very high, you wont ever want to go back to medium Thats why im getting a new graphics card soon. My favorite console is the PC. Very powerful, and you have a lot of control over the game (ex. When World in Conflict comes out for 360, it wont be nearly as fun.) Theres ton of great games to choose from, including IMO, some of the greatest games in history. Upgrades for computers i would ussually do about the same time as the release of next generation consoles, because most of the games are based off of the console versions. It seems like consoles are becoming more and more like computers though, but a PC still owns them at gaming.
  21. I never liked that game It took me about a week untill i started to like it. I tried it one day and thought it was the stupidest thing i had ever played about 20 minutes later. About a week after that, i was bored and i decided to give it another chance. That was just about 3 years ago. Its amazing how long it stays fun. Other than that, im not really a fan of mmorpgs. They arnt really games, just more like communities and developers trying to keep the players addicted to gain more profit. Single player games online are the best way to go. Right now im playing crysis online (its alright) and World in Conflict online (its amazing). Both have no monthly fees or anything, and they are really fun.
  22. Vista has directx 10(.1), but xp has everything else. I would like to have xp, but crysis looks so amazing in directx 10 mode. Its hard to pick a favorite. Hopefully sp1 will fix most of vistas problems.
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