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  1. And to add what ash said, make a rectangle, select it, then gradient within it.
  2. Here you go. By the way, this was the second result when using this. Its a lot easier to search for what you want than to create a post and wait for somebody to answer. Also, theres a link to that search from within paint.net, under Help.
  3. Theres a tut for this. One second, ill find it.
  4. I dont think theres a feature to do somethign like that. I think the only way is copy/paste.
  5. Whoops. I just realized I didnt do the html tags wrong. Im not doing good today... Well anyways, I fixed it.
  6. I just realized I gave you the wrong link. My bad, I fixed it. So get a picture of the guy you want in the banner, use that tut to cut him out, then copy and paste him to the banner.
  7. My suggestion for a future version. Optimization. Its a good plugin, but it goes sooo slow.
  8. Ok, I cant decode that message or anything, but you did read this, right? That solves most all instalation errors.
  9. I log in to find no messages, no deviants, no notes. Anyways, I do download a ton of sites so I can view them on my other computer. The biggest one I downloaded was a wiki. It took up about 6gb. Sure, I probobly only needed 1/10000000 of the wiki, but you never know.
  10. It sucks not having internet on my computer, so I tried to download it!
  11. :shock: Yeah, Paint.NET isn't every other program. Ok. Maybe instead of adding "Advance" buttons everywhere, maybe increase power and still maintaining the perfect UI?
  12. I see what you're saying. We can just do what a ton of other programs do. Add an "Advance" button on every toolbar and window.
  13. There is a lens flare plugin in development right now.
  14. You can click on the nubs and move them to where ever you want.
  15. I dont think we can help you with that. We're not microsoft, and this has nothing to do with paint.NET
  16. You cant make the canvas round or anyother shape but rectangular. You can create a shape the size of the CD, and keep the rest transparent. For CD labels, you can do that stuff in paint.net, but stuff like this would probobly be better. Thats what I use.
  17. Cant you just flatten the image, save, then undo the flatten?
  18. Goto a friend's place or internet cafe to sign up. Or contact dA's staff. Or change your IP
  19. Looks cool. Its a start to fractals in pdn. I cant wait for even more to be realeased as well.
  20. I told you it would. Im up to 483 views now. I should be uploading some stuff very soon though.
  21. I would guess either radial blur or the feather plugin.
  22. The only reason I have to check out Photoshop is brush support. Go Rick Go! Yea, thats one of the main things that paint.NET needs. I cant wait 'till thats done. I really cant wait untill the ability to organize plugins is done as well. It seems like the plugins I use most often ive got to scroll for. The reason why I might get photoshop is for stuff that Rick says pdn wont be getting, like 16 bits per pixel, and maybe some other small stuff. EDIT: Happy birthday j2paint!
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