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  1. Shape3D is one of the greatest, most complex plugins ive seen. Because of that, there will most likely be a ton of people who are having problems with it. Without a better description of the problem, it is impossible/really hard to help the people. If you dont want to keep developing the plugin, thats fine, but please release the source. Its a great plugin that adds a ton of new posibilities to paint.NET, and although it is really great as it is now, things can always keep getting more advance. If you want, you can stop developing, and leave is all up to us. You've got a ton of fans of the plugin, and im sure that one, if not several people will keep shape3D running, so long as you release the source.
  2. Which is good incase somebody wants to go on an allout spam attack on these forums. Again.
  3. Acctually, the mods are A. You admins are BB and CD.
  4. Ok, I know that one of the hidden users online right now is pyrochild. How do I know you might ask? I just know.
  5. Also, theres 2 hidden users online as well. Rick maybe? @David. So true, but I think that chicken is should be a lot easier than choosing the right word. I would think...
  6. I havnt watched the video yet, but do people not know how to spell "chicken" anymore?
  7. Or maybe keep it here in case it might answer future peoples questions?
  8. Way to bump this thread again. Would you prefer I bump it for no reason at all? You dont bump it for no reason at all, you bump it to remind us to bow down and worship you. So from now on, when you are going to bump this thread, just remind us to bow down and worship.
  9. Way to bump this thread again.
  10. Doesnt look as long as I thought it would. We cant really tell anything from the history though. It shows the steps you took, but not in detail.
  11. True, but its fuzzy on my tv. Its worth it though. TPBM plays a sport.
  12. At the top of the tutorial section, there are two announcements. Please read them. Also, read the rules. Mostly number 6.
  13. And if you dont have .NET frameworks 3.0, even if you dont want this plugin, get it. Pdn 3.20 will require it, so might as well get it.
  14. Looks good. Some sort of fire-eye. Nice to see that you used the AA feature in shape3D. The edges are nice and smooth.
  15. Yes, by BB00 I think. Thats different from stainless steel though. Ok, anyways, I just figured out a MUCH easier way to make metal. I used to do a different way, which took a ton more steps. It gives a pretty good result, and only takes a couple steps. Its a really basic metal texture, and you can build off of this. 1. Create a new image. I did 500x500 2. Add noise, Intensity at 100, color saturation at 400. 3. Ctrl+Shift+G to make the image grayscale. 4. Median at 30 or whatever looks alright. 5. Now to make the color a little more stainless steel'ish, adjust either the curves or brightness. I used curves at these settings. 6. And if you want, you can shapen the image a little bit to make it seem a little less plain. I used sharpen at 20. Heres my final result. You can build off of these steps to create other basic texures as well. EDIT: Hopefully you dont get that light dot on the bottom half like I did. If you do get it or something you dont like, just clone stamp it out.
  16. Ill download this after it gets a performance boost. I only work with large images now. It looks great, and I see myself using this for some future stuff, but I hate waiting.
  17. Ill get on it in a little bit. Ive done a lot of work in stuff like this. Ill hopefully get it up within an hour or so. Ive got a ton of other stuff ive got to do. EDIT: Stainless steel looks kinda like brushed metal, and theres a tut up here for that. Ill post a tut on a different, not brushed metal though.
  18. Wow. This will make creating a ton of texures I use a ton easier. Thanks again pyro!
  19. Ok, so I went though my graphics folder, and out of everything in it, I can see one .pdn thumbnail, which doesnt make sence at all. Its a multilayer sig template I made a while back. Ive got vista, if that makes any difference.
  20. Funny, I can view it in Windows. You can see .pdn images as thumbnails? How? All I get is that red x, which is really annoying because I save 99% of my stuff as .pdn. [/offtopic]
  21. Ok, since we're going on the topic of dA stuff, heres something I found yesterday. I'd watch the guy, but he's banned...
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