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  1. All right guys, it worked. Thanks for your answers! greets
  2. Allright, thanks for the answers I'll try it out.
  3. Hey, now I found out how it works. You were right David, thanks. But the problem is, that I don't want to cut out the skin - I just want to make it apppear darker. When I just select the Skin it doesn't change its color, but when I cut it out I have to put it into the picure again later. Is there a possibility to change the skin color without cutting it out? thanks
  4. Hey, thanks for your post. I know how to cut out Images and I selected one part in order to test if it works. When selected, I chose Brightness/Contrast (hope that it's the right translation) and put Brightness -100. But this setting had no effect on the picture. Could you tell me what curves I have to change? RGB? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I'm not completely new to Paint.net but I got a simple question: Is there a possibility to make the skin of a person appear darker? Thanks and greets
  6. Hey I used the search tool but didn't find anything useful except by creating signatures. Does anyone know a tutorial which describes some ways to create some wallpaper or backgrounds? thanks, ciao
  7. hi thanks for you help I tried it out and it works well. But there's one problem left: When I put the images into the background its color is not so intensive. I would like to have a better contrast so that it's easier to see the image. perhaps someone knows a way to handle this. thanks
  8. okay thanks for help. But the problem is that the pictures need to be in a specific position. How do I put them in their correct place? Is there a way to move them? greets
  9. hey thanks for all the links. I see I didn't really express me carefully enough. This link was a bit helpful I'll try it out today. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3281 I want to add several pictures, but not only in their original form, but instead like this: Here's a very simple image of what I thought: perhaps you can give me some advice to create it easier than in the posted link I mentioned. If it's the easiest way I'll try it out. greets and thanks
  10. Hey guys, I just installed Paint.NET today and tried out some tutorials. But I couldn't find an answer to my question. I would like to know how to create an image with different elements. The picture should consist of 3 different pictures of my girlfriend and me and I want to put a heart in the middle and write something under it (which is no problem). Do I have to create 3layers and put each image on a different position? Or do I have to cut the different images before? It looks not so good if there are just 3 images with their angles put into one image. I hope someone can help me, sorry for my bad english i'm from germany. greets
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