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  1. I own and regularly use a Tablet PC (Fujitsu Lifebook) and occasionally run into others - mainly Dell/Motion - as part of my job. On every one I've used, the pen had an "eraser" end that, when supported by the software (esp. OneNote), would automatically behave like an eraser. In PDN, it does absolutely nothing. It would be AWESOME for this to automatically switch to an "eraser" mode.
  2. Regarding the forum registration, my first attempt was blocked with a address. Switched to gmail (same account name, otherwise) and it went through. So all of must be blocked...
  3. Just had to share this... Nothing like forcing people to use old technology... especially when two of the three are from your own company... (The latest versions are 7, 11 and 9, respectively.)
  4. I found this thread from last year that pretty much describes what I'm talking about. Basically, most paint tools these days (GIMP, PSP, PS) let you shrink, grow, etc. your selections by a certain number of pixels. This type of function is nearly as useful as layering when working with complex images. If you want I can post some screen shots to describe what I mean.
  5. Actually, with the alpha mask tool you can get some fantastic results, and you can use any texture you can find online as well. (That would also work with my method above, but the results will probably be better.)
  6. Something like this? I did these using a cloud layer just to get a texture I could magic wand (separate layer) then switch layers and erase selection.