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  1. Exactly, have you understood rshol ?
  2. You should better ask that question in the Questions & General Discussion Forum :wink:
  3. Well well ! I was waitin' for that ! Cool officialisation of some plugins
  4. Hum ... is the french translation included in the plugin ? :? The english I can try to translate but japonese ... :oops:
  5. I'm thinkin' yes ... or maybe he had to much drank
  6. Madjik ce floor's fire seems not like the Rick's tut one! How can you made one like this ?
  7. Hey stop crying and wait for its repairing :!:
  8. Hi everybody! I'm a french Paint.NET user, I have this one since 3 month but I never knew there was a forum for plugins or tutorials before the version 3.0 ! That was a great discovery for me :oops: By the way Im here now and I thank Tom Jackson for this Tutorial ! Sorry for my grammatical or vocabulary faults :? . I dnt speak well english Hum, thats my first "attempt" (thanks Rosie) . Is that ... good ? Thank you to answer
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