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  1. i need help on this... everytime i use it, the bottom becomes clear...
  2. heh... i made PPT movies too.. but their not that great... i tried making a game out of one but i gave up :oops:
  3. uhh someone just edited so that tthere is a kfc thing on the guy...
  4. woah hehe... i play xD.. add all my users if you want: josh181830 lourange1992* (lv 38) loumagic1992* (lv 33) loumelee1992* (lv 31) louragic1992* (lv 22) loumenge1992* (lv 4 xD) loumalee1992* (lv 6) *come pking with me
  5. (usedHONDA me didnt see no PERIOD ) ate more beans
  6. who ate beans. (PERIOD!) (i ended the run-on sentence )
  7. lol thats pretty cool... but i think you should add more frames so it goes more beter.
  8. wow that looks pretty cool.. mines never comes out outlined...
  9. i dont get how to do the fire outlineing the border of the letters....please help... this is wut i get whenever i do it: really cool trick if it 100% works by the way
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