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  1. is it possible to make the petals more separated?
  2. madjik i like your daisy a lot more then the other two.... wuts the 2nd one supposed to be?
  3. madjik i like that one except is it possible to make the petals more "into" the flower?
  4. any flower... as long as it looks real enough... cause the one i made look like some kid cut it out and pasted it on a background... :?
  5. can someone post a tut on how to make flowers? :?
  6. haha he doesnt have a cpu there probally...or maybe... hes going into hiding!!! 8)
  7. i hate talking about the future... it just messes things up...
  8. ha! i like paint.net i tell my frineds it p00ns thier photoshop... hehe
  9. 118+ people seems like a lot of people... but ill come... if i remember... :oops:
  10. i <3 math... its so freakin easy... not <3 but i dont really care about math...
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