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  1. go to window -> check the color box OR you can just press F8
  2. well we already learned some of this in middle school - 8th grade (im a 9th grader now), i still remeber how it works, but im too lazy... :?
  3. that game looks prety stupid/cheezy
  4. oh well screw this... i found a layout but it wasnt really wut i wanted...
  5. my pi day was probally the worst day this year...
  6. im giving up already xD... just gonna find some random hitman layout for my myspace http://www.myspace.com/xusuxusi
  7. you cant expect me to learn all that!
  8. does anyone know or can teach me how to make my own myspace layouts?
  9. anyone know how i can color a flower... :oops:
  10. dark king, i think he means like a muddy font with mud splatters coming out of it, not in it?
  11. nope... i bet you ____ (something) you wont beat the most users online.
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