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  1. [sorry about that, I forgot to put a comma in front of my last post. I meant it to be a list of stuff in the tomato sauce. Such as: "dipped in some tomato sauce with spoiled ranch dressing, little purple turtles, etc., etc,."]
  2. Giant Purple Hippo [Check out pages 2 to 10 of this thread if you don't know about the Giant Purple Hippo]
  3. run in circles {Mr. Monkey, what font did you use for your signature?}
  4. Did you download it because it dosen't com with Paint.NET. Once you do, copy the plugin file (.dll) to your Paint.NET/Effects folder and restart Paint.NET. Then go to Effects>Distort and it should be right there "Sphere..."
  5. Vorlock, I can't see how the planet looks from the small picture but if you already have the planet then just duplicate the layer, zoom blur it a bit, then change the layer's blending mode until it looks right.
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