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  1. O_o What's this focal point you speak of? Like the gradient/blendmode in the sig directly above?
  2. Since you have Pm's disabled, I cannot reply to the one you sent me. But, I recommend using photobucket.com. (Kinda hoping he checks this forum, not sure where to put this) Can a moderator pm him if he has it disabled? (If so, could you deliver this please? )
  3. Mirror looks great from the example. I needed to d/l these again. (New computer ) Thanks. :Thumbsup:
  4. Your render needs some edge help. And better integration into the entire piece. And then you should add a border. Sigs: W.I.P: I've been busy. Need to brush up my skills tho. New plugins will help. Any suggestions on this last one?
  5. <- Clean fo' sure. SK: 5/10, now a 6 because I lol'd at teh pacmanz.
  6. I call this shot extreme terrible quality, because I literally got one shot off before the battery died. I had to pull the chip out to upload it. -_- ~Better quality add(s) soon.
  7. Wild. It just says "Image" now, on your post and mine. Edit: Refreshed the page and I can see them. xD I really like the second one. The circles need some feathering on the first. EDIT: @01wanga: Since you have PM's disabled; here is my reply.
  8. It's good, but it would look amazing if you detailed the planet a bit more.
  9. 01Wanga: To get this, just right click the picture and click copy image location, then paste & enclose in bbcode. [img=http://lh5.ggpht.com/_2GdWkrXRlTA/STlIrkwBZuI/AAAAAAAAABI/AmrinIhk0mI/rose.jpg] [img=http://lh3.ggpht.com/_2GdWkrXRlTA/STpiOWX_IzI/AAAAAAAAABk/mxoEDnNHFI8/Circular%20SIgnature.jpg] Kenmaru: Orly...
  10. Lookin cool. Solid 8/10. I remember when this thread started...I had the most horrible stuff... >_>
  11. That's what I did. I think mine was around $400. Epiphone les paul studio...And the first thing I did was get new strings. I was playing on my dads busted up acoustic before...It buzzes past the 12th fret... I don't play as much as I should though. =\
  12. Welcome to the forum. I don't quite understand your question though. =\
  13. Looks like it could be cool if you put some more work into it.
  14. Knotty pics welsh. Tried making wood. Very quick way: ♦Select wood colors ♦Render clouds(rough,large scale)[changes the woodgrain] ♦ select a vertical strip ♦ Drag a selection nub across the screen ♦Add noise(40,0,100) ♦Motion blur(0deg) Result: Results could be better. Quickest way I could think of. It needs moar knots.
  15. Rofl. The eyes could use some aa'ing and greater definition(+sharper edge) would help on the lip area. Lol'd at the .gif.
  16. ShK_828: Feather plugin. Border....And you should probably define the text so it doesn't blend in to the background.
  17. Wow, some of these are really great. I like the houses a lot. The laptop has a nice style too. I'll try this out. :Thumbsup: EDIT: Okay, 1/2 an hour later, my 1st attempt....It's not finished, and is mostly garbage, but I think the fence pwns.^^ I cheated on the textures, but w/e. I should make more fences. And maybe read a tutorial.
  18. Hey, thanks. I used the gradient bars plugin. Heres a wip, not sure what to do to it though: Edit, so I don't double post: ITs a bearskull! And also another wip.
  19. Good stuff. Not really a fan of the style, but it's good. Been forever since I posted(or used pdn...), made a sig: Looks pretty sweet against a black bg, but I added a border.
  20. Good work Bolt. But, I seem to have the same problem with the stripes when using feather. =\ Doesn't happen all the time, but it's annoying when it does and I don't know what causes it. I have the latest version, and have read the thread...I'll try installing the plugin again and see what happens. If you can help, that'd be great. EDIT: Just reinstalled. Works fine on most things. Gets funky on AA'd stuff, but that's understandable. Haven't gotten the stripes yet.
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