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  1. Yeah...My camera still sucks. The previous computer here was the same as your current jake...
  2. Hey. Try using the search function before posting, as there is a popular tutorial here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=27246 I'm sure it can be adapted to be used on non-parchment pictures.
  3. Heh, cool. All I've ever Pixel'd was a fail house. I gotta work smaller. Highlight from it:
  4. Blast from the past...I thought gangsta crab had an kickarse sig back when I was active here...
  5. Like so?: For this it was simple, as the background & text are a solid color. I just had to make a new layer, use the rectangle fill and change the blend mode in layer properties. For more complex things you might have to use selections. Hope this helps!
  6. Yeah, and the lighting on stuff like the grass could be tweaked.
  7. Anarchy Online. Played for a couple hours. Outdated graphics, complex battle system, crafting, factions, economy.....Overall fun&enjoyable, but with a high learning curve.
  8. Not bad. Would be cooler if the tubes had a better connection to the mid part.
  9. Help: I need to turn this beach fail into a beach win. More cartoony then ashes.
  10. Pdn supports tablets, however someone who actually has one will have to help you...Because I don't. But I know how to make sand. Use a combination of Noise :AddNoise: , Median :Median: and Frosted Glass :FrostedGlass: until your satisfied with how it looks.
  11. Cool picture. That text is pretty sweet, and.....nice guitar. =_= I cannot seem to find my cam charge cable.
  12. Not really sure, but I think this looks sexy: Flip: I think he used different bucket fill patterns within a selection.
  13. Heh, pretty hawt piece. My only complaints are the tree bark and the beach, but great job.
  14. Yeah, it looks good. The only thing that might need extra work is the grey bars on the top and bottom.
  15. Create it on a new layer and change the opacity slider in the layer properties menu.
  16. Yeah, I'd say its a bit too hazy also. Tech is all about the details, so obscuring too much ruins the effect. I really like the orb colors, though. If you could preserve them (like the inner glow around the edge) while making it more 3d, it would look pretty sweet. I'm pretty much a n00b at this, so I'll have to give it a try. If I come up with anything cool tips, I'll gladly share. Gl&hf. =========================================================================== Edit: Omgz, Xor style. Purple and xorchrome flow great. x_x (failed experiment(1/2 way .pdn(s)ftw)) (5 mins) Some type of metal texture+seam/weld+screw...Thing....>_> Duz it wurk? I need to find a way to add scratches to the metal without them looking cheap. -_-
  17. Currently d/ling Anarchy Online, it looks interesting.
  18. Down

    cw creation .

    Cool. It would be better though, if the text didn't blur up on the right side. ^^ And add a border.
  19. Splatter sig looks neat. I kinda like dim 400x100. Overall, nice tutorial pics. Now try to apply those techniques to original pieces aswell.
  20. PC- Fallout3 Fable2 FarCry2(Multiplayer is kinda cheap) Online: DoD(Yes, that old game), Bf2142, Cod4(want WaW)
  21. Gigantic, rofl. I like your current a lot. Expanding in that style would be cool.
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