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  1. So I was playing cod5 online and after a few rounds I joined a level up server (I didn't know it until I ranked up after every kill....>_>) So now I have every gun and I only need to complete a few more challenges to upgrade them all. Fg42, k98, T100 and the Carbine work especially well. The sounds and lighting effects could be better, but it's still lots of fun. Now...If only the files on the zombie server would d/l faster then 13kb/s...Which is completely bogus!1!!
  2. Well... Resize it to a more proportional size, then just cut away the parts you don't want. Feather it and change the color to blend in with that of the other image.
  3. HI. You may want to try different bucket fill options.
  4. PC: COD:WaW, which I just got 1/2 an hour ago. ...Then BFBC in a while.
  5. CC would be to: clean up the edges & side of the pick guard. Make the wammy bar connection more detailed and change the width of the neck and keep the strings straight. Overall gooood work, Oh, add some neck inlays too.
  6. Different looking camo. Basically I just used effect>distort>crystallize. You can also blur/mess with it till it looks like actual camo. Just an easy way I found.
  7. You could always duplicate the layer, flip it and fade with opacity and a gradient.
  8. Hi. When you save your image use the save configuration options to reduce the bit depth, or # of colors. Hope it works. Edit: Does depend on file type.
  9. Can't stand most of their stuff, the guys singing gets grating after awhile. But I am listening to the string quartet version of Our Time is Running Out. It used to be on youtube, but I think it got taken down. =\
  10. Yeah, it looks good. I think the text would look great in a sort of hot-coal fashion, blended into the flames.
  11. Heh, that's what pdn is for. Or just put it in a [-hide-] -=- Looks alright in the site.
  12. I just use :AntiAliasingOff: arial at 8. =P
  13. Click the "More>>" button in the color window and the values should be in a small rectangle on the side.
  14. Heh, np. Forgive me if the tone offended you MT, just putting it out there.
  15. Looking very good. -=- Hidden Content: Lighting Fx. From stock I still think it looks too jaggy.
  16. Hmm, mine works fine. Try....Wait, read this: Hidden Content: If different, redownload it.
  17. You should always save your changed image as a different one from the original, unless your absolutely sure of what you're doing. Did you overwrite the original?
  18. Heh, Instant lockdown thread. It's a common issue. This kind gent has a link in his signature: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4114
  19. Well...I tried to do something and I couldn't figure out how to make the text in a way that would ''fit'' with you. So All I have is this sweet frame I manip'd:
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