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  1. My dad does that. lol Especially to park, snow ftw.
  2. I'm to lazy for that. I usually take extra credit assigns, but never finish them. I'm doing an English Essay+project tomorrow. It's due Monday. It's only poetry, so its easy stuff. :twisted:
  3. I cant get it. I was trying stuff, this was all I got. But its more like a mossy ground...As in lots of moss. From some fantasy land. Hidden Content: w/e its still a good texture, if not moss.
  4. Hey that looks much better. I cant figure out how to make it fuzzy and patchy while having larger clumps..
  5. So you don't want to press ctrl?
  6. I'll need some examples, since I only know what SL is from a movie. Clean examples btw . ^^
  7. Not that I know of, without placing them individually, or using a distortion that lowers the quality.... Would be very helpful to, say...Have a plugin developed for this.
  8. That looks more moldy, lol. You might want to try experimenting with noise, blurs and smudging. And adjusting saturation.
  9. Np, welcome to the forum. Rick&peeps have done a great job. Just select your primary color as the color you want for that letter and type. Change the color as needed. You may have to adjust the text after by selecting it and using the move pixels tool. You should probably read up on pdn. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/index.html Good luck & Have fun.
  10. Read my tuts!!! ARRgh. :evil: Heh. Finally got the updated plugin packs. I ♥ the new smudge with zoom.
  11. 00110001 00110011 00110011 00110111 Edit: Omgz 1337 phail
  12. Sounds terrible! But I'm totally legit!!
  13. You can take an image and put it on a bigger canvas and blur/feather the edges, or use outline object...Or, if I'm correct, use alpha masking to do it. :?: How it will look in the workspace is; a fade into a checkerboard. You just have to crop it down then. Example below.
  14. HI. You may want to review read this thread that was posted not too long ago. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=28108
  15. I think he knows how to make it... Regardless of how simple it is, he is requesting a plugin be made to produce the effect. IDK about that though.
  16. Oh. Just hold shift and move a corner nub inwards to scale your picture.
  17. Okay... In the shot you posted, the reason parts of the image get cut off is because of Finish Pixels, as seen in your history window. When you paste an image you should move/resize while it still is in a selection, so it is within the canvas. If that is what you want. Otherwise, when the pixels "finish" the parts that aren't inside get cutoff. This happens when you select another tool, or add an effect after pasting.
  18. Cool. I like the different opacity in the mutilayered city.
  19. Yep. Have the car in the background layer, then create a new layer. Paste the logo into this layer. You will probably want to use the Ellipse selection to make it round and invert the selection to delete the white corners. A quick feather or duplicate layer radial blurring can make the edges nice. when your finished don't forget to flatten it! Gl.
  20. Np. It's in the boltbait pack: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819 Used to make smooth edges. I use a low setting on it for blurring edges.
  21. Select the words and press Ctrl+C. You can now paste them wherever using Ctrl+V. Is the gif animated? You might want to rename the title to something a bit less ambiguous then 'help', or it may just get locked.
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