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  1. It was actually me. I saw it in your dA and thought it was awesome.
  2. Nice portfolio page. The tone's a tad pretentious, but that sells.
  3. Itès a little bar that shows youère interests, things you have, enjoy usingéwatchingéconsumingédoing, something about yourself. I could make one right now that says: Ègimpy keyboard userÈ. Because all these accent characters appear when I try to add a apostrophe.
  4. We know. Bloop, if it was your current you would have had my vote. (Not a big fan of sprite anime characters riding a ragged rainbow xD)
  5. I'm not sure, but I recommend using outline object, setting it on an angle to create a shadow.
  6. Idk. w/e. I think it is fine, and you present a strong case...But, I'm not complaining, right.
  7. It would be useful, but I don't think it has this feature...Or I just haven't discovered it.
  8. Great sig Crim. I like how you got all the rings to look 3d. Top picks: Crimson Survulus Stephan
  9. 1)Crimson 2)Commander Sozo 3)Kemaru 4)LFC4EVER 5) Pipp92 6)JJGunz 7)K_I_N_G 8) Helio 9) cazaron 10)Zwicky 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13)Konartist 14)Survulus 15)jake2k 16) Stephan
  10. White block? Do you mean the checkerboard? Open the background picture on the first layer, make a new layer and paste the sprite on it. That is if you have the sprite rendered. Also don't forget to search. There are many users posting about common issues without searching.
  11. Hey. You may want to use winrars fantastic program for unzipping files. http://www.rarlab.com Free download and unlimited use (atleast in my experience....) Just right click the file and select one of the options for extraction that winrar adds. Or, read this: http://www.logicaltips.com/LPMArticle.asp?ID=594
  12. Again, just distortion and manual placement. I really like that Zagna. Inkscape, huh...
  13. Morten, I really like the bling-text outline, but it doesn't fit well with the fire and 2sec border. 3/5 Jerm, I see it's a car and some weird smoke. I think it it would look a lot cooler if it was pure black and you took a sort of primary paint-swipe color approach with the car and made it smaller. Mine is now just an abstract I thought looked cool.
  14. I've played Hanger 18 dozens of times in GH. Fun indeed. Classical Gas - idk,some guy.
  15. Down

    Oma's gallery

    Looks very nice. It could use a few little touch ups on the skin to make it more 3D and have better edging. Gj. Hidden Content:
  16. Lol. It can be done. Are they actually using the basic avatar models? Just place it in a photo then and blend, blur, brush away.
  17. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... lcrane.jpg Haha, did he use toothpicks?
  18. That's pretty much it. With some other little tweaking, but fantastic result.
  19. Wings? They seem to resemble stubby little flippers. Something old I dug up. It was going to be a 1 pic tut on shiny stuff. Hidden Content:
  20. Only reason I didn't mention rect to polar.
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