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  1. As a faq this info should be readily available. Search cutting out images in the tutorial section. search.php Alternate options include alpha masking.
  2. Is that the finished piece? It would be cooler if it was multicolored shrapnel imo. I don't think he was posting here to get a rate on his ad. Just to comment on others + advert.
  3. Star Link and Gelatinous Foliage. His flowers can be made using the the rose plugin. Just duplicate resize, rotate, etc etc.
  4. You don't have to open the .dll Pdn will do it for you after you place it in the effects folder, as xDan stated.
  5. Same rating lfc. The space would be better if it wasn't as large. I also don't like how noise is rendered. It follows a annoying gridlike shape that looks jpeggy. xDan: I'm diggin the splash page. The ad like a bad business card though lol. Rate LFC as mine's just random art I made.
  6. Looks like cnn logo. Hidden Content: xD
  7. It's well done. I like the definition of the edges on the red shards in the right side. 4/5 I'm getting more abstract....
  8. Won't require a tutorial, pretty much just splatter and noise with some blurring and shaping.
  9. Hey, np. You can also paste copied images into the selected layer, so you don't have to import them. That option could make it easier if you have a complex .pdn file.
  10. Hi. 1. I believe what you want is the paint brush. After picking the color, you can simply brush over the text. Or, more precisely you could use the rectangular fill with it set to fill shape. Just go over the text without disturbing too much of the image. 2. After you create you new layer, select it. Then go to the layers drop menu and select import from file. Choose the heart picture. It will appear on the layer, but it will ask you if you want to resize the canvas. Choose expand as this will allow you to see the whole heart image. Delete the white and feather the hearts. From here you can use the magic wand to select a blank space and invert your selection(Ctrl+I). You can use the move pixels tool to quickly resize the hearts. Hold shift as you grab a corner and drag it in. When it's smaller you can crop your image down. If you have the second layer selected when you are finished, then you will see the merge down button in color. And you should have something like this: You can see the area on the left where I replaced the text slightly, but when you do it try to blend your changes more into the pattern the image already has. Depending on the placement/size of your text you can have a bit of leeway.
  11. Decent for 2d, but you need more reflections and dimension for a more realistic piece. But from the perspective, the shape looks fine, if a little flat. Also when you fill it up, the liquid shouldn't go to the edge as it's held in by glass. Nonetheless, gj.
  12. You can also produce a similar, smoother effect with a lin(Ref) gradient and the sine wave plugin.
  13. Just open up pdn and hit F1. Gives you nice pages such as this: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ColorsWindow.html https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithPalettes.html
  14. Looks great! Stainless steel on terrazzo. 5* Mines just a photomanip with a border. Rate LFC!
  15. There is a fix the sig thread. Awesome idea for a thread btw. How about a just: "Edit the image thread." Which the poster specifies? Edit: unless i missed it...
  16. A bunch of stuff, but more importantly; time with people I don't see too often.
  17. Maybe because it's an actual picture of a car. lol? Cool looking splatter, but do you intend to use it as a sig? I can see some type of jellyfish could potentially be made using it.
  18. I only used them to separate the steps, but as it has become such a deal; I will not. Sorry for the inconvenience, of a few clicks.
  19. Pipp makes mouths-open only sigs. joke 7/10 rate ryu
  20. Hidden Content: HI It's not that, (see above) bad. :wink:
  21. You could slightly ripple it, or displace it on a wave. Idk how well that would work though.
  22. Kinda cool. Looks like a glowing hot grill.
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