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  1. Is it just me...Or do the spaces in that heart seem to sparkle faintly a bit? Nice btw better then what I did.
  2. Thats pretty nice man, not as bright as mine but better for it, I think... Heres my go at it:
  3. I know. I was saying that, I like that about the eraser...
  4. I didn't know that either....The status bar does show it though.
  5. It's probably considred too simple to be a tutorial, but try picking a nice neon-ish color and use glows(effects and layer properties). Go to >adjustments and tweak the brightness and contrast till you're happy, luminosity works well too. I made this just now as an example, it looks sort of like the picture: It's not bright enough, but you get the idea. Edit: Ah, there is a tutorial already.
  6. Thats pretty nice, much better then the....."One"...I tryed to make.
  7. I was thinking the same thing awhile ago, when I first downloaded pdn. Then I discoverd the selection and it works great....but the eraser does antialiasing...
  8. That is an exellent plugin. I don't use it very often, but it's great!
  9. Great job man...... Btw, you could of just went ahead and made the page yourself instead of doing what you did...
  10. 4/5 stars. You did a really good job on that, I can't see anything wrong with it. It looks like you put a tiny border around the tile background, but forgot the top! ~~~~~~~ Here are my sigs...I know they're not very good, but I just started using PDN!
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