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  1. O I tryed that and it didnt work O well Thanks Anyways
  2. Where could i get Microsoft GIF Animator? :?
  3. Click the "Quote" button in the upper right corner of the post you want to copy. O i c ty before i just hit print screen on my computer cropped the file saved it uploaded it to photobucket, then copied the code thing to my text but, that is a lot easier lol
  4. I dunno im confused isn't that was "barkbark00" said barkbark00 Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:10 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hehe, I really don't even need a "rather fat arrow to be only slightly diagonal". I figured you would either laugh at me and say exactly what you did, or find the challenge interesting. On another note, I am getting kinda excited waiting for the 3.xx releases. and how do u copy and paste my text?
  5. I know this is a little off topic but do you have any idea when you plan to make a new version of paint.net
  6. i think its cool and really neat to watch but after a while my eyes hurt :shock: lol and u could have cropped the pics a little i think its cool heres one i made. I was bored and i made it in like 30 min just somthin to show my friends Tell me what u think. P.s. I made it the day after i watched Scarface.
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