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  1. Here is something I coloured with Paint.NET a while ago. ORIGINAL FROM HERE!
  2. I get this when pressing F1 or clicking the menu Help, after updating through Paint.NET and downloading the update and manually reinstalling it: I'm using Firefox on Vista HP. Not that I use Help but just to let you know.
  3. Great plugin, just what I was looking for, except if I'm using it to overlay a picture over another one (like say put a picture on the billboard in another picture) I can't see the corners of the billboard to line up the picture I'm reshaping... if you know what I mean, kinda have to use trial and error while reshaping. Here's a pic to better describe it:
  4. Oh, it says "AlexWarp © 2004" now that you mention it (could he have just copyrighted the name AlexWarp?). :oops: Of course I don't want anyone to get into trouble, but it would be a cool plugin.
  5. C'mon, no one thinks that would make a good feature in Paint.Net? :?
  6. Ahh, I was going to ask this same question, it's a fun effect that would be cool to add to Paint.net! I think this is what Steve Hester had in mind: http://www.axlrosen.net (click the AlexWarp link, needs JavaScript activated) I remember using it years ago on a website when the guy let people use his Java applet, I still have the .class files if somebody can reverse engineer a plugin from Java to C# (if that's even possible) Maybe you jest need to see what maths code is used or something (4 years of CSSE and I'm bloody potato at programming! )
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