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  1. The pixelated one looks pretty cool.
  2. You sign up at places without reading TOS first? What if you had to sign up and in the TOS, it specifically said your email will be given out to spyware companies upon registering with us. You should read first.
  3. It's a great tutorial, and so is the rose tutorial. Doing the grid gives it that 3-d look, or makes it pop a little more. Make some text on that layer, or make a new layer (aslong as the mode is set to overlay) and either color tint it (With Ed-Efects) or fill it. That provides another neat effect to go with this tutorial. Gives you kind of a 'glossy' effect.
  4. Just something to add on .. Get the grid plugin. After you follow the steps from the original tutorial, make a new layer. Open up the grid plugin (Effects > Grid). Set the grid to your liking (I set it to two). Make sure foreground only is checked and hit ok. Set the blending mode to overlay. Kind of a neat effect, and it's similar (or is) to someones post earlier. Provides a grungy kind of effect. If you really wanna be adventerous, set the grid kind of high (so theres beefy grid marks) and do a polar inversion. It can provide a neat effect if you overlay it.
  5. How about this? Thats a neat effect, how'd you do that if I may ask?
  6. Hey everyone I've been playing with Paint.net for a little over 4 or 5 months, and I love it. But, I've run into some problems lately when I'm making userbars. I've made some animated, and sometimes the frames dont look right because the colors will be to far to the right. For example. I made a userbar that had a gradient of yellow and black (black to the right, yellow to the left.) Well, I had to cut some of the image so the edges wouldnt look to terrible, but, when I was using the color chooser, I didnt know where to start and where to end. Here is my image .. See how on some frames its darker or to far over then the other? Is there anyway I can blend the colors better, or will I be stuck with using the color picker. Thanks.
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