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  1. It's not relevant - that's why I posted in The Overflow . I've worked with both platforms, and I was just curious.
  2. I'm slightly amused that the Paint.NET forums are running phpBB instead of an ASP.NET forum application such as subtext or Community Server. Perhaps its because php hosting is bundles cheaper than windows hosting? That's the only reason my personal website is php and not ASP.Net. ;-)
  3. I'm using Paint.NET 3.0.2580.31 and Visual Studio 2005 SP1 on Windows XP x64 SP1. When I have a database diagram open in Visual Studio 2005, I right click in the database diagram workspace and select "Copy Diagram to Clipboard". Then I open up Paint.NET and go to Edit, but "Paste in to New Image/Layer" is grayed out. Interestingly enough, when I open paint (windows paint, not .net) I can past there and then copy, and then I can "Paste in to New Image" in Paint.Net. Maybe a bug?? Other than that, I must say I love Paint.Net, great work!