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  1. Read the source. I'm sure theres something on the internet somewhere about your problem too.
  2. It runs on .NET, so I believe you could use VC++.NET to make a DLL, but I'm not 100% sure I'm correct. (Nor do I know how to do it) I know the codelab is C# only.
  3. the whole forum needs a re-org, but I think I like the idea posted above me by EN^^ just make a key, and we'll all be happy. Or make 3 sections like the one suggested above, eliminating the "key" but keeping everything organized. I would say no more than 3-4 categories. It would help. But using the search function is fine for now. It doesn't take that much effort.
  4. the transparency mode was what i needed. thanks.
  5. ok, i know this might sound dumb that i cant figure this out, but say I want to get an image to fade into nothingness (so alpha 255 to alpha 0) at the end of the image, how would I do that? so I have an 800x150 banner for a website, and I want the last 50px on each side to fade into the background using a gradient. I tried just making a white gradient and screwing w/ the layer blending, but nothing worked. Dont bother posting images or anything. I just want a quick fix. Thanks.
  6. he's basically saying take a big square, and make it bigger or smaller. then select it, and delete it, but keep the selection. you oculd just use the little pixel counter/coordinate thingy in the corner
  7. I thought he meant like pre-generated images to put something over. basically a library of backgrounds. IDK though, wait till he comes back.
  8. what do you mean by "non-destructive"? like how does it work? we have filters and things that can do that kind of thing (if i'm thinking that you mean it doesn't alter the image) just duplicate your layer, if something goes wrong, delete the top one.
  9. but what if if write a comment somewhere before that? wont it screw up my plugin.... I guess I am just being stupid.
  10. I have a question: Why do the comments in these matter int Amount1=0; //[-100,100]Cyan - Red int Amount2=0; //[-100,100]Magenta - Green int Amount3=0; //[-100,100]Yellow - Blue You mentioned that they had an effect, but i thought that anything after // was ignored...... or is that there just for reference?
  11. Sticky these. They will really help new programmers (like me)
  12. Ok, you need to make "yo i'm dope" in a new layer, then use the effect. see if thats what you want. I dont know what you are going for exactly.
  13. ok, some1 needs to email him, not just PM, because he's only got 1 post. The admin needs to get the source for this so we can translate. I couldn't even read half his site because my browser doesn't support the language...... (nor do i know japanese) i loved the plug-in though....
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