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  1. You learned the code just so you didn't have to switch programs :shock:...... I love you for that.
  2. Screenmutt: 7/10 on the paint.net logo the silver dots are kindof random....
  3. I've been waiting for something like this! I noticed the bug too, but it works fin if you do all the layers first then flatten it.
  4. My monitor is 1680x1050 but in away that gets annoyting because desktop wallpapers are never made that big...
  5. I would love brushes in Paint.NET, but this is exactly the reason I didn't create a topic about it. But the GIMP and Photoshop both have brushes (heck, even KidPix has brushes) so why not Paint.NET?
  6. I like that image trooper, it looks like "The Tunnel of Love: Death Style"
  7. When I tried looking for the hidden message in the cat... it was run over by a car. Anyways, I love your plug-in.
  8. The two most annoying things that is not in paint.net are: A bevel effect Brush Styles However, I would also like more custimizable gradients (like being able to use mroe than 2 colors)
  9. I know C# (at least a little beyond the basics) but It has been confising to me because I can't do anything related to graphics or drawing. Especially making a plug-in for Paint.Net. This tutorial clarified a lot of things for me, but probably not enough for me to accually make a plug-in.
  10. This is a GREAT plug-in, but sometimes the blur is a little too much, I don't know if this has been suggested or not but if its possible, maybe you could just anti-alias the hard edges instead of accually bluring them. This would be even better!
  11. I've got a question about this. Scince I can't read kanji (nor does my computer even support the symbols) is there a way to change the light postion?
  12. I'm not the britest person in the world. Where is the download link exactly?
  13. Thanks ptor, i've been looking forward to a plug-in like this.
  14. Finally! A border plug-in. Thanks so much Madjik! I've been waiting a long time for one of these. I did find a bug: If you try to add a border to a circle, it turns out as a square with the corners cut off.
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