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  1. This ones just random . ( the cats my real kat a the witch is random, Credit to Dontstoptalkinga for the lightsaber Tut )
  2. Heres a porshce i edited, Heres the starting piccy Finishing Image, I glowed up the rims and put some fire in the frontground/backround I glowed it up a bit :wink: . Looks sweet nw Kinda weird , but thats the way i am :wink: Also Sized it down
  3. I voted, even though i didnt enter Only arrived in this communitey like 4 days ago but im getting used to it :wink: . I want ALL of you to know that there ALL good, But I like things simple, And not to complicated
  4. How to start a fire with Paint.NET

    I Call it modern art, how i did it was just messing around with the colors, ( sorry if off topic ) I used same Theory but messed round with curves Looks random but idc 8) Randoms my middle name, back on topic i made this aswell using the flames :shock: And: Enjoy :oops:
  5. How do i . .

    lol my bad
  6. Soz u guys for my *Edit by Rick: And don't use derogatory terms like that sig* Rick changed it O well, heres my LATEST work And this is without zoom Blur
  7. How do i . .

    Hmm, I found out how to do the blur and heres my 2nd result Kinda weird
  8. How do i . .

    Soz for fast post :oops: And ill try it Edit: how do i apply Blur to just one bit :o
  9. How do i . .

    Here we go Kinda awesome :wink: The black lines didnt appear up so i changed to yellow :wink: . Btw am i ne good for 11 yr old
  10. How do i . .

    Uploading it
  11. How do i . .

  12. How do i . .

    How do i make something transperent? I got the white selected but how do i make it transperent? :oops: sorry for the trouble im new EDIT: do i just press delete when its selected? :wink:
  13. How do i . .

    Thx, now i gotta try it :shock:
  14. How do i . .

    How do i make this picture in the backround: And this one In front Do i have to use layers or, how do i do it, Thx :shock: ( im kinda new like4 days experience :oops: )