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  1. Press F8. Be aware that you can only change the font while you're in text-entering mode. Once you 'finish' the text you can't change the font (easily). I suggest adding text in a new layer so you don't muck up the original image (use F7 to show the layers tool)
  2. Yeah, I noticed this and it's a really, really nice way to do things. Great idea.
  3. this doesn't work for images with vast numbers of colours, for example those on allrgb.com I've attached an example image. It (the full size version, linked) contains 16777216 colours, but this plugin reports that it contains only 4664751 colours.
  4. I love it, I would buy that chessboard if someone made it. And I'd love to see a TARDIS.
  5. very nice. I like the top and middle ones best, to me the bottom one lacks a center point of focus. The middle one has good depth.
  6. heh :oops: well, we have a lot of books..... actually, we don't. We have about... 200 books I guess? so, around 1 in 4 have something in them. yeah, second hand bookshops are great for finding things. I've altered the homepage to display the four highest rated things. I'll add a "view more popular things" link soon. it's not quite perfect, as it isn't calculating the number of ratings properly, but the ratings themselves are correct.
  7. thanks for the kind comments and feedback, everyone. Though I've been away, I've still been using and recommending pdn to everyone I know I've been getting more into photography than CG stuff lately. Originally I was going to have the most recent thing displayed on the homepage, then I chickened out and just went with text, but that's a good idea - I will do that - thanks Helio and livewrong. Also, if Jon who uploaded that Bible note was from this forum- THANKYOU. You're actually the first stranger to have added something re: adding (yet) another post... I don't think I'll push my luck with the mods - maybe later
  8. hi, on the advice of boltbait, I'm re-posting this in this thread. I've just launched my new website about things found in books, and I'd like your feedback about the logo, general design and features. thanks for looking, -h.
  9. Hey, long time no speaky. I've been a very busy bee. I've just launched a new website about random things found in books. Designed in PDN, of course. Would love feedback on design, usability, features, etc. thanks for looking, -h.
  10. nice effect. would make a good plugin imo.
  11. Brambori: no, I don't think you did follow all the steps; make sure you've put the gradient there and that the layer visibility is ticked in the layers window. vobie: erm.. try the conditional hue saturation plugin (search the plugins forum for it)? or play with brightness/contrast..
  12. I think this will work: when you create the gradient, make it fade from blue to transparent, instead of black to transparent.
  13. some totally trippy (sorry, I'll stop after this one)
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