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  1. It has happened again, Paint.NET has been slashdoted' http://developers.slashdot.org/article. ... reshold=-1 This article has been written with a emphasis on Rick's "Backspaceware" issues recently. Congrats Rick!
  2. I was planning on purchasing the iPhone until I found out that they were using outdated technology (I.E. EDGE data instead of 3G, etc). The interface and screen are fantastic, but I am going to stick with my Blackberry Curve until things get updated, then I will get one
  3. Its all about Kapersky Anti Virus. Nothing better than "Made In Russia!"
  4. Thank goodness, I haven't seen aynone speak like this in years!
  5. Well, I guess I will add to this thread... 8) Why not, eh? :wink:
  6. Yep, this is a great step forward! Good work Rick! 8) This will make it even easier to find Paint.NET on the internet!
  7. Yeah, the show was great today, some great pics were taken... I even see a few of my own in there I want to see some kick-butt wallpapers!!!
  8. 05 Mazda 3 GT almost 40,000 miles... purchased brand new... average 30 city, 34hwy. See, I had the reverse experience from Rick, I had a Mercedes Benz 300E, but after almost $12,000 in repairs I sold the car. I cannot stand german cars right now... lol!
  9. I could only imagine the headlines now... :!: BREAKING NEWS: :!: This evening, Rick Brewster passed away while drinking beers at his favorite watering hole. Kirkland Police suspect this was due to an unwarranted quantity of alcohol ingested and extended laughter from possible comments made by patrons on his Paint.NET forums. The coroner’s office will not rule out possible foul play from a martini olive. More information will be posted as we receive it.
  10. I think I have the best one of all... When I go out to have a beer with Rick the only thing we want to chat about is Paint.NET! Aah, we are such geeks! 8)
  11. Rick, Keep up the good work. The release of 3.0 was well planned and you have done another great job! Cheers.
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