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  1. I know the GIMP, it was our first choice, but I don't like it for my purpose: teach how to handle images to simple people with a very basic knowledge of Windows. I found Paint.NET much more "user friendly". For me, the GIMP as the same defects as PhotoShop : a visual interface made for professionals, not for beginners.
  2. HI, I just discovered today paint.net and I am amazed by this fantastic FREE tool. I am french, living in Brazil, (sorry for my poor english writing) and envolved in a non governemental organization called CDI (see http://www.cdi.org.br/portalcdi/indexeng.htm). As we have a deal with Microsoft allowing to use all their software for free, we were looking for a MS grafical tool ... who doesn't exists. I imagine that, with paint.NET, translated in Brazilian Portugues, we have the perferct tool, simple as MS Paint and Powerfull enough to do a lot of grafical functions like PhotoShop or PaintShop. My only problem would be that there is no Help or Tutorial in Brazilian Portuguese. Is it planned to translate them in Portuguese ? If not, would it be possible for me to help in translating the english version into Brazilian Portuguese, send it to you for evaluation and then publish it on the Paint.NET's site ? Regards Alain
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