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  1. I learned from de.selfhtml.org (German) because I'm German and so it's much easier for me.
  2. BAM Everything works fine. For that reason they don't need you no more and you're fired.
  3. all kinds of Metal heavy metal, white metal, speed metal, trash metal... bands: Manowar, ACDC, Korn, Heavenly, TestAmenT... favourite song: "evil" - Heavenly
  4. Nice idea. Thank you. I renamed the thread and the Effect. It's now in the Color Submenu. I'm searching for a good 16x16 png icon for the Effect. If you have a good idea, pleas post here. Redownload the dll to make the changes apply.
  5. My photo... ...is also available on my website.
  6. Your curves+ must be set to alpha mode. Then your curve should look something like that ___ / / / ___________/ Then when only the parts of the image which you want to modify are still visible, you can run any effect, in my case Hue/Saturation. But you could also do any other effect to the sky or the part of your image, which you selected.
  7. No of course it's not to bothersome It's always good, when people ask because I tend to explain in a quite ununderstandable way. EDIT: I redid the explanation of the example in first post. Is it understandable now? Please ask because I can't see your thoughts. :wink:
  8. I can't see a direct use for it for me. Could someone please post something, he/she made with it for giving an idea of what to use it for?
  9. Please note, that all the effects were made on top layer. At the end I set the original layer under the changed layer to visible again.
  10. You can use it always when you want to edit a picture. Use instead of a selection to get a better gradient without feathering. You are the artist. I just wrote this plugin to use it for my self and because I'm a nice guy, I posted it here. For creativity, ask god
  11. You can make gifs with (simulated) alpha, too. If you're interested in how to do this, please read my alpha dithering tutorial
  12. It calculates for every pixel the difference between the pixel and the primary color. The more they are equal, the more alpha will rest. Just duplicate your layer, do my effect with a Primary color selected, maybe some fine tuning with Curves+ alpha channel and there you go affecting only this specially colored part of the image without need of feathering or anything because it's always a smooth gradient from layer to change to the original image layer. Download here: EffectDLL.zip Unzip it into your Effects directory in the Paint.NET folder. It will be listed under Effects -> Color example: 1 to 2: Here i first chose the sky's color as primary with the Color Picker :ColorPicker: then I ran my effect. 2 to 3: After that I did some alpha fine tuning with Curves+ :Curves: . And the only color effect I added to the sky was increasing saturation and a little hue adjustment . 3 to 4: I put the original image as a layer under the modified one. Link to where you get Curves+ code (Codelab): int dr,dg,db; void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { PdnRegion selectionRegion = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds); // Delete any of these lines you don't need Rectangle selection = this.EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetBoundsInt(); ColorBgra PrimaryColor = (ColorBgra)EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor; ColorBgra CurrentPixel; for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x, y)) { CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; dr = CurrentPixel.R - PrimaryColor.R; dg = CurrentPixel.G - PrimaryColor.G; db = CurrentPixel.B - PrimaryColor.B; if (dr < 0) dr=-dr; if (dg < 0) dg=-dg; if (db < 0) db=-db; CurrentPixel.A = (byte)(255-((dr+dg+db)/3)); dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } } I'm currently searching for a good 16x16 png icon. Please tell me your ideas.
  13. Antivir is enormous. To improve system performance, the guard can be deactivated and you don't have to delete the process on every startup
  14. My first animated PNG... If it doesn't move for you, please use Firefox 3 to view (Link in sig)
  15. @adhanberry: I like simple art but not to disambitionize users to spend more time on their sigs, I give you 5/10 @FiNGOLFiN: I don't like it too much because it's dithered. If you can't get a better pic, try some blur (small radius) The person below me should use Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso) to see what I made before rating
  16. Awesome! I believe if you don't give us the source or the algorithm soon, I know, how I'll spend the next nights. Please share Suggestion: Add a kind of key number which is needed to decode.
  17. I made a great violet flash gif. But it's too big to show here (over 1.5 MB). http://www.esnips.com/web/things2share You must klick on Original Size or the animation will be frozen. If you want, I'll do a tut.
  18. What I wanted to do were random-lenght lines with random angle. You just make a preset number of lines all in the same angular offset to each other But anyway, well done^^
  19. Wither - strange username; I like strange usernames 8/10
  20. Firefly: 8/10 (well-made but not my style) Ares: 6/10 (for being colorful) Razzmatazz: 5/10 (image is too small for fog or other effects, which disturb the view) Wither: 9/10
  21. I'm very new to HTML, CSS and that stuff. Also, my English is not very good. I uploaded the pics to http://www.esnips.com/web/things2share/. It would be very nice if someone could give an exemple with source and screenshot maybe. Thanks in advantage
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