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  1. Hey dudes!

    I've got a new idea for the SaturationZeroProblem:

    An Interface with 3 Sliders whcih set how important for the difference the channel should be. (i.e. with Value Importance = 100% and both other = 0% only the brightness of the pixel would be important)

    But you can't set the Hue importance but only the maximal hue importance. And the less Saturation a pixel has the less Hue will be important. So there would be no sharp edges.

    Anyone understood what I just said?

    Please feedback (good idea/understood nothing/bad idea)

    And I'm still searching for a good icon 16x16 png (alpha allowed)

  2. from the pic post thread:

    Only image I didn't create were the "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" buttons
    wit...can you actually use these (buttons)?

    Google only asks your browser to create buttons with the right letters on it. So the button design belongs to the owner of the rights of your browser. But I don't think, that Microsoft, Mozilla or anyone would make trouble about that.

  3. ContestGoogleEnormator28cae_thumb.jpg

    I used the google logo from http://google.com and this pic of the cell phone http://www.roverpowered.com/~booyaah/tayloredtech/images/6230.jpg. The site which used the pic (http://www.tayloredtech.co.uk/) seems to be dead now.

    Note that I payed attention to the display of the Nokia 6230. The inserted pic has a resolution of 128² pixels, which is exactly what the cell phone has.

    EDIT: Due to hosting problems with myimg.de I had to reupload it. Alternate Link:


  4. Back to Topic.

    I'm working on that HSV version of this effect, but I have a problem. What should I do with grey (Hue is not defined then)? These were the ideas I had:

    • [*:ec628]Get Hue value from the closest colored pixel. That leads to smooth gradients in the selection, but maybe other objects than the wanted one would be selected, too.
      [*:ec628]Set Hue importance for that pixel to 0. Then there will probably be problems because i.e. RGB(128,127,127) would be handled completely different to RGB(127,127,127)
      [*:ec628]ignore white, grey and black pixels. That would lead to the unusability of the plugin because you would always have some areas, which won't fit into the picture
      [*:ec628]Set alpha values for such pixels always to 0.
      [*:ec628]Handle grey pixels like the old version of the plugin did, as a RGB comparsion. Then there will probably be problems because i.e. RGB(128,127,127) would be handled completely different to RGB(127,127,127)
      [*:ec628]Your idea: Tell me what you think

    I really have no idea which solution would be most useful for the artist (I'm more programmer than artist). So please tell me what will be most useful!

  5. For PdN you can already code Plugins with codelab. But you can't code layer blend modes.

    Additionally it would be cool if you could pseudo-merge layers. That means they are saved seperately but appear to be one. With that combination you would make everyone asking for alpha blurring or something much happier and when you see, that you made a mistake with one of your layers, you could just de-merge it and solve the problem.

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