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  1. You can have Paint MONO there, which is actually a Paint.NET clone. By the way is Paint MONO still work in progress or is the project dead?

    Why is there in my user control panel in the avatar section a notification that "The avatar functionality is currently disabled."? You all have avatars why can't I have one?

  2. Use Windows for Paint.NET and games and for working use a linux distribution with open office installed. I use Ubuntu atm but since I already do that for a while, I'm soon going to switch to a distribution fit to more advanced users.

    Ubuntu also has a feature on the regular CD to integrate into Windows ("Wubi"): You can select the OS for your session at startup but you can uninstall Ubuntu from the applications menu of your Windows. This is probably a better preview than to use the live cd because with Wubi you can save your settings. The only disadvantage is a slightly decreased disk performance (due to being integrated to the windows file system and not using an onw partition)

  3. I been thinking of new site layouts as I plan to make yet another website. However unlike DEXTUT.COM I am planing to go into more graphics then all code. So with my old sites they would fit to your screen. However with heavly graphic sites with uneven images, this could be a problem and you may need to set a size for that site to be viewed in. I am sure we all seen websites that were centered with black boaders on both sides. My question is, how big should a site be in width.

    You also can just design some elements using the full width, for example the content section and design a pixel-exact menu section at the side. So you can combine the design advantages of pixel-exact design with the usability-advantages of screen-fitting websites.

    If you really can't avoid it, I would use 1000px because you never know, if something will make the user's 1024x768 screen a bit smaller (e.g. a task list on the side of the screen).

    Thanx for the tips on MS filter:alpha attribute... I already forgot about it^^. Is there a way to make the background of a div transparent and the text it contains solid without the use of absolute positioning and multiple boxes, which do not contain each other? I could do this stuff but that would be some hard work because my website isn't pixel-exact but screen-fitting :wink:

  4. Does anyone have an idea how I can make Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 go to a different URL without using javascript? I have a site with rgba colors and want Firefox 2 to use a different stylesheet because it then could use semi-transparent background-pixel png.

    I also want this to work in Opera and Safari, so I appreciate every kind of Browser sniffing (except for the "IE comments" because I already know them).

    Remember: No Script please

  5. It would be nice, if the black fields of the board would have a different color from the black pieces and be solid. So everyone could more easily do individually styled images. The colors of the pieces are also not so easy editable if you would for example want a texture to fill them, you would want to select all white pieces at once and do a photo flood fill. But I don't know a good solution for that atm... white pieces just should be white :P maybe white rgb(254,254,254) in contrast to the white of the board rgb(255,255,255)

    I also like chess ;)

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