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  1. I'm also in. I made it with Inkscape, but atm I dont't feel like searching for the original file on my machine but hey wait I think I got it on my website... http://enormator.110mb.com/pages/logo.htm The render was made with Batik. The website is completely in German, but if you like the style, you may visit it just for viewing the metal-style^^
  2. Adio because you can find many different things called "globe" but adio seems to be unique Laptop or Notebook?
  3. I tried to get you one but I unfortunately have no idea what that is^^ I want to understand everything.
  4. Someone finds your DS and it is unharmed. This person is very lucky and now happy with your DS I wish, everything would be fine.
  5. [55] Centaur [50] Chupacabra [35] Dragon [55] Griffin [55] Mermaid [40] Minotaur [40] Unicorn [55] Vampire [45] Werewolf [30] Zombie
  6. Today I read something about Google, privacy and Ixquick. This inspired me to do this: Then I was wondering, if one of you has ever done any pictures with a deeper meaning, like political caricatures or something else. So: Have you?
  7. An old avatar of mine... I still use it on another forum: http://blobby.redio.de/forum/
  8. He forgives you (doesn't he?). But I don't forgive you and I'll come and punish you! :twisted: I wish I could always do what I want.
  9. omfg I guess I'll have to reread the rules before refering to them
  10. ▲ Is wrong ◄ Is not so enthusiastic about forum post numbers ▼ has at least written one tutorial or plugin for PdN
  11. ^ bump I only used normal blend mode because my plug-in creates transparency on the top layer, so the original parts, which you didn't want to modify should shine through from below. Please read the forum rules. Especially the part about bumping threads. I think the correct procedure in accordance to the forum rules would have been to... ask me via pm? I must say, that I don't like that part of the rules very much...
  12. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=3WjFq0_g93k Someone just sent me a stupid music video, so I sent this good music as a response (Metal!)
  13. ▲ Is probably right ◄ Does anyway not feel like going to bed ▼ knows somebody who plays WoW
  14. I got your Mac Pro but when it tried dual-booting these two bloody potato OSes at once, it got broken I want to be happy.
  15. ▲ is very lucky ◄ hopes, that Kemaru is right ▼ knows what these symbols are for: :AntiAliasingOff: :AntiAliasingOn:
  16. OMFG! This is sooo impressive! Ultra-Aweseome! The best tutorial, I've ever seen (except for my own ones )
  17. All your teachers catch cold but then you have to go to another school with even worse teachers. I wish some wisdom for me.
  18. ▲ is an OS-masochist ◄ knows, that "atm" means "at the moment" ▼ is searching for love
  19. I like the "chemical excuse" theory and accept being "weird" I don't know yet what I'm living for and I probably won't find out soon. So I wish some wisdom for me... oooops wrong thread -> corrupt-a-wish
  20. I don't know what love is. Can you tell me? (Wikipedia wasn't very helpful)
  21. I don't need any version of Photoshop
  22. No excuse: He is now watching you! I want a smart phone that runs PdN.
  23. Never mind! I also cheated on you several times :wink:
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