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  1. I like transparent bgs more but it's a matter of taste. @king: Thank you for your comment. You described it exactly the way it is supposed to look like: simple and unpleasing; it's punk :wink:
  2. Chuck Norris doesn't use Paint.NET for he can just hack the bytes of a png into his hex editor.
  3. looks good, I like blue and the symbol but you could add some contrast and I would add some colors but that's only my opinion. So: 9/10
  4. because it's called "Very Happy" rejected love or sexual relationship without love?
  5. ^ downloads the wrong things < has Linux for everything but games and PdN and so has no viruses v Has at least heard of Linux
  6. ^ downloads the wrong things < has Linux for everything but games and PdN and so has no viruses v Has at least heard of Linux
  7. You'll have to be less new here to understand that... but for now, the forum search may help you. This is my welcome present for you: I made an un-border
  8. I would remove the border but I thought you would maybe like it more with a border.
  9. 1. :Clouds: clouds at default setting 2. :Emboss: emboss at -45 degree 3. reduce the canvas size by 2 pixels in width and height (with positioning setting to center) to remove the border
  10. Anyone into pixel art? Redo mine: You may resize if you want to.
  11. So we could summarize, that it is very difficult to make a fluid page good-looking. Okay. But I don't think they are a "pain from the past". I am just redoing my website. It will still take some time but it will be good when it will be ready. We'll see then. Wouldn't this probably work with bigger font-size? If a web designer uses the unit "em" to specify font-sizes and you have a big screen and therefor a high setting for the standart font-size, it can be readable. And only because a page is fluid, it doesn't mean, that the text has to be spread all over the screen. For example if you make a 2 column layout, you have even on a 2048px wide screen only 1024px Text, which is what conventional websites also have (but it's their only column then). And it doesn't hurt to have 2 columns on a 1024px screen because there is still enough space for 2 columns. Examples... what about this page? (No, this is not a link because I mean the forum itself) And finally about the criticism of my website I have to say the following: My website isn't perfect. I'm working but I don't have much time atm. I've just made a new index page but of course there is still a lot of work to do until the next major release. The new version will also be fluid and by now it looks really good. It uses big symbols in a Mac-like dock/bar with hovering zooming them in to use space even better. If I feel like it, I'll post a preview version. By the way: I have a background image for screen widths up to 2048px and it takes less than 50kB and it is a progressive image and of course there won't be anything blocking you from using the website while it is not fully loaded in the new version.
  12. ^ cares about the appereance of her bathroom < doesn't really care about his bathroom < doesn't see the sense of Hidden Content: hiding things posted in a forum[reason]because it just doesn't make sense at all[/reason] v prefers his/her computer over a gaming console
  13. Chuck Norris doesn't even need an mp3 player because mp3 players need Chuck Norris.
  14. When your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you what is most important to you in this world and you answer that it's Paint.NET
  15. ^ is right < is too lazy to make the cool arrows now v likes question marks more than exclamation marks?
  16. Nietzsche said "God is dead" Chuck Norris said "No I'm not!" Now Nietzsche is dead.
  17. Simpsons life after death or life before death?
  18. Hey, what about a real discussion? Most websites have a fixed width in Pixel (like 1024px or so). I always design my websites so, that they can fully expand to the width of the user's screen and if that isn't enough, it'll grow downwards. But some websites are even fixed in width and height and scroll the content in a frame. Artists say, it helps the designer make the page look exactly as he/she intended to. I think it's part of the webdesigners' job to make the website look cool on every screen und fully use the given space because this is also art, even a more difficult one. What do you think about static website dimensions? And why do you think so?
  19. ▲ is right ◄ likes techish styles ▼ will get some presents for christmas
  20. ▲ thinks I'd care about Halloween ◄ had fun at Halloween on a non-Halloween-Party ▼ knows how to make these pretty arrows (as a proof you could make an arrow right because it wasn't used yet so you can't copy n paste)
  21. I do web developing and I use for coding: notepad++ Firefox (stable) with these AddOns: Firebug, Web Developer For testing I use: Internet Explorer 7 (because I'm not a professional, I don't have to support that buggy old , IE 7 is bad enough... and also: If Microsoft wanted web developers to make their pages work with IE6, they would offer a way of using IE6 with Vista)
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