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  1. I'm downloading now, BoltBait. I hope it is free.
  2. I played with the program, and it's pretty neat, but their tool set is the most basic of basic. You ought to try gif construction set professional. You make your frames on a program such as and then import them to GCSP. Then, GCSP plays them. It's really neat. OH! I wish I could afford it.
  3. boltbait, did you make that? usedhonda, move your mouse.
  4. Not comical anymore, but peaceful. I really like it, usedhonda. I don't have much time to play, but it is definitely on my list to learn all about
  5. Weird. It didn't work this time. It's a very popular game, and it is possible that the site is experiencing overload. There are other links. Try this one.
  6. That's funny. I had just been to the site to see if my link worked. Hmmmmm. Try it again.
  7. If you play this, you will be completely useless for at least a week.
  8. Does anybody have any idea how many frames it took to do that? I downloaded a trial version of Gif Construction Set professional. I drew a frame by frame of a cartoon cat and a flower in the exact same way that this picture was drawn, except for the inside out part. It took about 30 frames for a VERY small picture. WOW. My old hard drive crashed, and I don't have the pics anymore.
  9. Ok, Used Honda, Got any slower, newer comics?
  10. I found looking for a replacement for photoshop. After looking at the price of photoshop and picking my shocked self up off of the floor, I started googling.
  11. Ok, you guys. I just HAD to go see who George was. Thanks for the entertainment. Sounds like George needed to get an eductation and write his own free program.
  12. no prob. it probably took me longer to figure it out because i didn't have the brains to ask.
  13. I think you need to set your tolerance lower. You have to play with it until it is right. I'm just beginning with the program, and I could be wrong. Surely a grizzled old veteran will answer this question in a little bit.
  14. cotton :arrow: weave Hey honda, what was wrong with wool?
  15. rick brewster wrote "I'm completely baffled by why you would suggest this, I mean seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if you think I should start adding Win3.1 support next. Then removing it. Then adding it back in. Then removing it." Outright, prolonged laughter.
  16. Yeah. For and everything that I had to download to get it, it was alllllllll night, and part of the next morning.
  17. The font name is St. Charles. I'm not sure where I got it. Sorry.
  18. Thanks for the info. I'm the only one in my family or in the world for that matter that is still on dial-up. They have been trying to get me to switch for years.