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  1. Also 9/10 for barkbark. Pretty cool, I think. 7/10 for Krazed. Not bad for a newcomer.
  2. 9/10 The cats are cute, and I personally think Kozo is funny.
  3. I'm so there! I'm not sure if I'll be albe to get my homework done before that time, but I'll try.
  4. My avatar is a pixel image of my fancharacter. I'm going to make a new one soon that I'm going to use as my avatar. My sig is also something I just made really quickly. New one coming soon, also.
  5. No prob. I'll show you my attempt at making a software box for a video game after I find the time to make one.
  6. Baby Sonic > The Riddler (I know, I'm a really big Sonic Fan)
  7. That is probably one of the coolest things I've seen made with PdN.
  8. I never really got how you take a pic of your desktop.
  9. Hannah Prower > Anarchy I am officially joining this battle.
  10. She's my own fancharacter. Her real name is Hannah Foxworthy, but her friends call her Hannah Prower because of her twin tails. EDIT: Nice animation! :wink:
  11. Never heard of that movie. Anyways, here's mine: I made all of the frames transparent on PDN before I animated it.
  12. That was the exact same pic of dry mud that I used!
  13. WOW :shock: Very nice tut, and the results are more than out-of-this-world! You can even place your planet on a starry sky to make it look authentic. EDIT: This is my planet:
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