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  1. Best. Band. Ever. She's a Lady - Forever the Sickest Kids
  2. Maybe your picture is fit-to-screen... Zoom in 100%.
  3. Guess what this means, as you'll most likely rechognize the language... Ich bin ein Geleekrapfen.
  4. Guess what this means, as you'll most likely rechognize the language... Ich bin ein Geleekrapfen.
  5. *Screams in horror* Oh, wait, just uH... Thought it was trickman, from beyond the grave!
  6. Or Photoshop... God, the only thing I can do with Photoshop is make speech bubbles.
  7. Yeah, what's a smudge tool do? I'm 12 My text is smaller!
  8. If you've got PhotoShop, use that instead. Actually, I think there's an easier way. Download the Drop Shadow plugin. Make a new layer and type your text in that. Use Drop Shadow. Set the X and Y at 0. Use a blur radius of 1. Press Ctrl + F repeatedly. There ya go! I think I'll turn this into a Tutorial...
  9. (Does anyone know where trick went?) My top five: Madjik trickman CMD UsedHONDA Helio In no particular order.
  10. God, I've had the same problem while doing my sprite comics... But, what you can do is: If you take the hand outside the box and hold it down, it moves the selected area.
  11. Well, you need a lot of time to do it. It's actually possible, you can take the pencil tool and draw it pixel by pixel, if you're good enough. They probably didn't do it pixel by pixel, they did it roughly, then edited it, and at the end just speeded up their video of them doing it.
  12. I used to have one... I wonder what happened to it...
  13. I liked the Clear History Button. One time, I forgot to keep clearing my history, so I accidentally scrolled up and my finger slipped and double clicked one of the history things. It was at the top of the list. It took about five minutes for the entier thing to reach there, and then another five to redo everything. Ten minutes lost.
  14. Can't you download something on the front page that allows you to save files as a .psd? And then just open that file is Photoshop. Edit: Or at least, I thought you could...
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