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  1. Rick Brewster told me the following in a personal maessage : "VA, if you ever refer to me as "his holiness" again, I will ban you. Quit it with the angst-ridden, self-entitled attitude already." Well I guess I will do below : - Rick you are the most unfriendly, most arrogant creature I ever met in the software development world. - You treat too many people like . - You consider yourself as God Almighty in your application area - Why would you not allow me/us to use this expression that explains every thing about yourself ?
  2. Sarcastic answer: When you look up the real way to spell "concitter." Real answer: Being a newbie doesn't mean you're not considered a human It's entirely possible to be both. @pyrochild The first line of your answer is a nasty (biting) one. I will NEVER do such a thing to somebody who tries to communicate with me in my own language. Not everybody on the whole wide word manages the English language the way you do. I manage 4 languages, how many do you speak, write and understand reasonably ? That first line of your answer was a stupid one and you really should say sorry here !
  3. "His Holiness" Rick Brewster (the man who preaches that one should not bite newbies -probably because he has been blamed for doing it himself) wrote : "In here I will start documenting all of the popular feature requests and possibly status on them. If a feature you want is in this list, do not make a new post asking for it again." "His Holiness" wrote this on Feb 08, 2007 and I never saw any answer on my request. My request was in the list of "His Holiness" and I never heard about it after the above mentioned date. Could "His Holiness" perhaps publish an update - I mean within a reasonab
  4. @ Rick Brewster Were these complaints (see the first post in this thread) not in the first place sent to you by any chance ? Admit that you are not the most friendly guy on earth yourself when you give answers to newbies. I have been slammed 2 or 3 times by Your Holiness, so I know what I am talking about.
  5. My goodness, my initial question was only about a "magnetic lasso in PDN", not a complete new OS to make that happen.
  6. I didn't write a year but almost a year. B.t.w. that wasn't the answer to my question, was it ?
  7. I had a look at the popular request list from almost a year ago and ..... nothing happened so far ? Example - extracted from the list : Magnetic Lasso -- This is requested a lot. Tom wants to do this but we have no ETA. I have the impression that "not requested things" are done first ? Apparently there are ETA for that but not for popular requests ? Just a thought !
  8. I'd like to make a donation to the project but ... - In one of my requests I can see : "We have no ETA" What does it mean ? - I cannot stand the arrogacy of Rick Brewster Please see the answers that I got from this honorable person who thinks that he is God himself. Appart from that : paint.net is a very good application.
  9. Hi Mr. Brewster Isn't it a bit unfriendly, the way you put it ? The RULES -- Read this, YES YOU: read this! (2007-02-07)
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