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  1. pagina niet gevonden

    page not found

    Helaas, de pagina waar je naar zocht werd niet gevonden, maar… Orange helpt je graag op weg.

    2 bad, but the page you are looking for could not be found, but... Orange wants to put you on the right track.

    Kies hieronder waar je naar toe wilt gaan. Geen idee waar je naar toe wilt gaan? Na 20 seconden ga je automatisch naar onze overzichtelijke homepage.

    Choose where you would like to go to. No idea where you want to go? After 20 seconds you'll be directed automatically to our conveniently arranged homepage.

    Klik hier om van je startpagina te maken.

    Click here to make as your default homepage.

    Kun je onze online helpdesk niet bereiken? Bel dan met onze klantenservice op nummer 0900-9515 (€ 0,20/min.)
    You can't reach our helpdesk? Call our customerservice at 0900-9515 (€ 0.20/min.)

  2. Here are a few advanced finishing steps to give the pegs a glassy look.


    Step 1:

    Duplicate top layer 3 times.

    Step 2:

    Emboss the very top layer @ 45 degrees. Then change the blending mode to "Difference".

    Step 3:

    Move embossed layer down 2px and to the left 2px.

    Step 4:

    Go back down to the grid layer. Use the Magic Wand selection tool (tolerance set to "0") and select the center of one of the cells. Invert this selection and go back to the embossed layer and hit the Delete key. Now, Gaussian Blur 6px.

    Step 6:

    Adjust the brightness and contrast.

    Brightness: -32

    Contrast: 72

    the glassy look didn't work out very well :(

  3. I cannot replicate the error at this time. Please be more specific, such as:

    Zoom Level

    Selection Size

    Image Size

    I have been able to move pasted selections as small as 1px by 1px while completely zoomed in.

    It may be possible that you're running into the bug where selection scaling node hotspots are not scaled down in relation to zoom level. As such, you may have to move your mouse away from the selection until the Hand icon changes back to the arrow.

    I will do in a few hours.