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  1. I think you're looking for MadJik's Sparkle plugin. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23881 Try it on a black background with white dots first. I have had problems in the older version when using too light of a background color. (If I'd have read the instructions, I may have avoided the problem!) :wink:
  2. I've always wanted to do this poster just for the play on words. Thanks for the opportunity. Characters from the following sites http://www.supersonicsoul.com/uploaded_ ... 735174.jpg http://quisp.com/gfx/quispview.gif http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/watch ... QUAKE2.JPG http://www.kelloggs.ca/french/whoweare/ ... cansam.gif
  3. That makes sense. As I mentioned earlier, it's no big deal, just a point of curiosity. I also have a quick work around. I simply close and reopen a second time and it's back to the original size. Thank you for the quick response. Paint.NET is a fantastic resource! Thanks again, Rob
  4. Paint.Net originally sized to 1000 X 500: After exiting and restarting Paint.NET the size is transposed to 500 X 1000: This does not happen on the primary monitor. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope this is clearer than my previous post. Thanks! Rob[/i]
  5. I have dual monitors. The primary is landscape and the secondary is portrait. When the last location of paint.net is on my primary monitor, it always starts with the correct position and size. If it is closed while on my secondary monitor, then the height and width are transposed the next time I open paint.net. Not a big deal, but I thought that you might want to be aware of the issue. Thanks, Rob
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