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  1. All my library on shuffle: Bittersweet Poetry ~Kanye West Modern Myth ~30 Seconds to Mars This Love ~Maroon5 Beautiful Day ~U2 Youthless ~Beck Faust Arp ~Radiohead [extreemly hard to play on acoustic, I regret attempting] Beat It ~Michael Jackson [easy to play, just 3 chords ]
  2. This looks like fun... Top Hits > Special:Categories > Ph [show categories starting with Ph] > 500 [show 500 results per page] > Next 500 > Photo Software > Paint.NET Yay! 7 points!
  3. Actually, University Blvd. is on the northeast corner of Orange County, litterally down the road from UCF (thus the name of the road). I'm actually zoned for Colonial High School, but UHS has the classes I want (which is because they're three miles from UCF). Reguarding the permit, I have two words: Lynx bus! $1 gets you to downtown as long as you're a student Oh, and I think I know some people who go to Winter Park high (I know a lot of people from different schools). If you meet a girl from Argentina named Amanda, tell her that her ex says hi BTW, what's with the Muse mania? Is their new album just that good, or did they just suddenly hit a new level of mainstream?
  4. @THs: Isn't that the funniest thing? Millions flock to Florida each year to go away from their boring lives, yet it seems that there's nothing to do. I tend to go to this new movie theater in downtown Orlando (the Cinema Cafe) where a movie ticket is only $4-$6 depending on the time you come. Oh, and that's by far the best movie theatre I've ever gone to (the seats are massive, padded, and have massive arm rests, and the place is cleaner than Disney). Same here... Same. University High School FTW!
  5. Wanna know what my main rant is? My happiness. I don't understand why I'm the happiest person I've ever met. Seriously, I'm constantly smiling (unless I'm really stressing out). Actualy, one time I spent a few hours researching the brain to find an answer as to why I'm happy. I learned so much about the brain that day, like what the amygdala and hippocampus (parts of the limbic system) have to do with ADHD, and that I have a relatively low level of seratonin. However, as much as I researched, there was not one Wikipedia, WebMD, or other external article that points out exactly where hapiness comes from. Wikipedia's summary of the Limbic System states that it's the control center for all emotion, but as I researched every component in that system, it seems that it's not the source of happiness at all. In fact, all the gyruses and parts of the system are for processing negative emotions like fear and anxiety. In the end, I found that happiness is really the absense of negative emotion (possibly spiritual?).
  6. 9/10 always loved the song That song has become so popular among my friends, it's awesome. I walk in a room, say the first line, and everyone starts doing the song XD Stupid song, but funny and addicting
  7. At my school, I've only seen one person smoke, and he looked pathetic. However, there have been a few drug incidents. One time, someone was giving out brownies, so I took one, only to find out they had weed in them, no lie ._. But my school is more of a sex school (I heard we have the highest school STD rate in central Florida, 60%). Not sure if it's still relevant because the statistic is from a few years back.
  8. You, my friend, are doing it right. also, @Axle: Getting diagnosed with ADHD has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time; it explains everything about me from attension span to my awesome personality. Honesty moment: My GPA was about to hit 1.5 last year, but so far this year, I'm up to a 3.0 unweighted (around 5.5 weighted).
  9. [same "Britt+Indie+Ect." playlist] The Bitter End ~Placebo (I once went to a bar called the Bitter End) Myxomatosis ~Radiohead (best thing on Hail to the Theif; awesome) Talk ~Coldplay (love the album X&Y; how it focuses on the questions of life...) Yesterday ~The Beatles (used to listen to them more until the hype of Beatles Rock Band came) Homecoming ~Kanye West (not sure how that got on the playlist) EDIT: >>off topic- why thank you
  10. @pyro: You people are lucky to have awesome classes and assignments like that. Two Thursdays ago, my AP US History teacher assigned us to read 22 pages of pointless debate to then write a 3 page essay about it, then an 11 page packet of essentially re-writing the text book in a non-chronological order, then an online quiz to top it all off. Oh, and when that was turned in, the class was welcomed with a test, then a quiz the next day. Tis' the truth. ...the only 3 things keeping me sane this year are my (1) pills (I was diagnosed with ADHD this summer), (2) guitar class (haven't learned a thing yet XD), and (3) my personal relationships (really, the lack of thereoff; so happy being single).
  11. @THs' vlog discussion: Well, you should make the title off something that'll stay with you for a long time. For example, I named my blog The Alternate Side, which was the name of my favorite episode of Seinfeld (some of you may know remember "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"). Oh, and if you run out of ideas, or if you're just bored, this is helpful: http://words.bighugelabs.com/blog.php and, http://words.bighugelabs.com/plot.php [awesome time waster]
  12. Listening to my "Britts+Indie+Ect." playlist... Transatlanticism ~Death Cab for Cutie (if there was one song I liked from them, this is it.) El Manana (Metronomy Remix) ~Gorillaz (the best remix of a song I've heard in a while) Teardrop ~Massive Attack (you know it as the House theme song) New Born ~Muse (just pure awesome; blew me away first time I heard it)
  13. Yup, I got plenty of relatives in Winter Park
  14. 2/10 The reason it isn't 0 is because Soulja Boy is a genius when it comes to making music. He slaps together complete trash, yet the marketing is executed in such a way that it becomes a hit... The District Sleeps Alone Tonight ~The Postal Service [iMO, minimalistic indie rock at its peak]
  15. Oh lord, the laughs... *high-fives d.a* Good times, good times... By the way, this forum has always been interesting to me simply in the fact that so many members live (or had lived) in Orlando at some point. Just thought I'd point that out.
  16. I haven't dropped in for a while, so hey! Not so long ago, I stumbled on this video that made my day. I had looked up a Beat It Acapella on YouTube (so I can see how it sounds as I play the chords on my guitar), and when I was done, I looked at some of the response videos. The one I clicked on wasn't exactly what I expected It seems like that kid knows more about technology than the average senior citizen
  17. Well, Github is the main place to post the source code for Ubiquity scripts, so I'd bet it'll stay around for awhile
  18. ...you make a thread called "You know you're addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when..." ...you continue to post in this thread over 2 years after its creation
  19. That would be great for PDN development. It's only a matter of deciding where to upload the source code (we could even make it the primary place to upload plugins to). Among SourceForge and Google Code, there are many other great open-source sites (Github is great).
  20. ^I concur. Also, The Game. [0] The Doctor's Companion, from Doctor Who [60] John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick (Elementary!) [65] Luigi, Mario's jumping buddy [25] Navi, a thorn in Link's side [65] Obélix, Astérix's Roman-hating compatriot [50] Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's magical friend [65] Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' gardener [60] Woodstock, Snoopy's birdbrained friend
  21. A few years ago, I used to be a member of a forum. One day, they decided to remove the general discussion section, and only keep what was relevant to the purpose of the forum. From that week, two thirds of the forum (me included) left. I may have logged in once after that...
  22. Well, .stp files are based in 3D, so that's a pretty much out of the window for the next 10 years .mip, however, is basically several bitmaps smashed together, so it seems to be a possibility... any takers? EDIT: Try to Googling for some converters to, for example create an .mip out of a couple of normal images.
  23. [40] The Doctor's Companion, from Doctor Who [55] John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick (Elementary!) [20] Little John, Robin Hood's fellow merry outlaw [75] Luigi, Mario's jumping buddy [20] Navi, a thorn in Link's side [55] Obélix, Astérix's Roman-hating compatriot [20] Robin, Batman's "other half" [55] Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's magical friend [55] Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' gardener [55] Woodstock, Snoopy's birdbrained friend I hate that friggin' floating LED. Exhibit A: http://vashperado.deviantart.com/art/STFU-Navi-98191138
  24. SEMI-RANT: Well, someone was selling a computer for $70, so I looked up the stats on it, discovered that it has a faster processor than mine, so I buy it. The guy left his installation of Windows on it (as soon as I started it up, Windows Messenger loaded up and logged into his account...), but my immediate thought was to have fun and experiment with another OS. I download Ubuntu and install it via Wubi (a great little app for installing without making a new partition). It boots right up, and I'm pretty happy. I download a few apps for it, play with settings, to later discover that there was something missing-- Windows things. So I install XP as a VPC and integrate it seamlessly. Pure awesomeness. That is, until I realize that once the RAM is eaten up, I'm screwed. Can't load more than 10 Firefox tabs in Ubuntu, can't load Photoshop in XP. So I decide to scrap my progress and attempt to simply put a fresh install of XP in the computer. A week of hard work later, I've made zero progress. I have no working CD drives, can't boot from flash drives, UNetbootin only does Hard Drive booting for Linux LiveCDs, and even that doesn't work on my computer, and when I attempt to boot from an SD card, it spews out random errors. So far, the only thing I got out of this computer is half a gig of RAM, a slow 30GB hard drive, and the realization that the system isn't faster despite the higher processor output (Intel ~3GHz). Oh, by the way, XP is faster than Ubuntu, especially at day-to-day tasks like running multiple tabs in Firefox (and when I say XP, I mean the virtual PC I was running inside Linux).
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