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  1. My favorite: Electroencephalogram! Mainly because it's the longest word I can type really fast
  2. Oh, I know German! Volkswagen bar mitzvah hitler ├╝ber hakuna matata! Sorry, I couldn't resist EDIT: I may have just insulted a good portion of the world's ethnicities! Got the European Caucasians, the Jewish, the Africans, and the Japanese (for not saying Honda)...
  3. In which, the synonym [loosely] would be shiznit. For example: "Have you seen the new Toy Story? It's the total shiznit."
  4. You've never heard of Flyleaf? They hit #4th on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, @soda discussion: Funny, Dr. Pepper is the only soda I drink. I had a coke a few weeks ago and had a flashback of why I stopped drinking it (it has a strange stickiness to it, hard to describe). Pepsi is a little better to me, though it feels lacking. Notice that people who like Dr. Pepper really like it, just like marijuana and 4chan. By the way, what's the word of the day? Yes, it is mandatory for you to answer. I've been asking people lately to see what the say (everything from "pieness" to "persnickety")
  5. 7/10 for the random Arabian thing Reckoner Remix. ....that I made comment, rate and favorite as you wish...
  6. Decided to throw a whole bunch of samples and beats I made in the past into a heap of Radiohead remix: http://drop.io/del_rio/asset/reckonerremixshort-mp3 Kinda rough (I never really synced the BPM), but it came out surprisingly epic (and short).
  7. Here's a random-looking album cover that I'm going to put on some mp3s I may spit out in the future: The idea behind it is to create something that has no particular point of reference, so it can be interpreted in different ways. Kinda like the album cover for Radiohead's In Rainbows ...probably going to change it sometime in the future, though
  8. In the dramatic documentary How to Save a Death, chart-topping band The Fray goes through life while dealing with their own personal issues. Laugh as vocalist Isaac Slade goes through humorous mishaps backstage. Cry as Joe King ponders life as he drinks himself to death. Experience..... How to Save a Death! This film is not yet rated. Paranoid Android
  9. Found an awesome website: and, http://averagecats.com/
  10. Listening to lots of Radiohead type stuff. The first 45 seconds of Nude are so chilling... I'm also working on remixing some tracks, but there's a major lack of acapellas in my library (vocals alone, not with a guitar or piano). Anybody know any good acapellas with decent audio quality?
  11. I borrowed the game from a friend of mine for my PS3. So much fun I think I got to level 8 as a one player game
  12. @Bible burning thing: Reminds me of the Salem witch trials... (actually, a lot of things do even in modern politics) ____ I was bored a few days ago, so I decided to open FL Studio and see what I can make in 3 hours. I managed to go on a streak of awesome music theory, and made a 40 second composition made of mostly 8th notes. Parts sound disorganized, but I think it sounds pretty good http://drop.io/del_rio/asset/awesomepianocomp-mp3 By the way, I used a VST plugin called CVPiano, pretty much the best free piano there is (if you listen closely to my mp3, you'll hear an occasional foot petal!).
  13. Don't say that... you don't realize how it is to own a touch. At first, I was planning on filling it up with just music and maybe 10 apps (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Dictionary, Pandora, Last.fm, the like). The day it arrived to my house, that plan was foiled. By the end of the week, I probably had around 50 apps varying from WeatherBug to the Sound Grenade (makes a high pitched sound, everyone notices). Before I had my touch, I always thought "why would anybody buy an app as pointless as a virtual cigarette lighter?" But I came to discover that people do simply because 1) it's easy, 2) apps take little space (~3MB avg.), and 3) they're fun to interact with, especially on such a sleek device. And after a while, organization isn't a problem (categorized pages FTW). Also, about the Zune HD: I'd love to have one of those, but I'm going to wait at least a year (too rough around the edges at the moment; the browser, for instance).
  14. This one was a bit too easy: Cape Town Treaty > United States > African-American Music > Jimi Hendrix
  15. Premium Price vs. Evil Empire? The Black Horse vs the Pale Horse? [lovely Biblical symbolism, eh?] ...we could make a thread out of this note: the smiley means I'm being sarcastic
  16. Today, I got an email from YouTube. In a nutshell, it told me that a video I posted has gotten so many views [over 30K], that they want me to put Google AdSense in it (despite the 1.5 star rating). So now I'm waiting for Google and YouTube's approval, and I'm in the money! Very little money, but still!
  17. Hmm... 7.5/10 The band sounds different from the last time I heard them. Sounds like a mix between Three Days Grace, Panic at the Disco, and a little bit of Linkin Park. Try this: ~Murder by DeathThe group is depressing, but IMO, the song is epic.
  18. I really wish I had finished those remixes... oh well, they were starting to sound way too techno for my taste. One thing that really pushes inspiration is really just listening to music as often as possible. Most of the time I'm on the computer or PS3, I'm on Pandora.com with a Quick Mix of 5 stations I made. That website really helped me find out what I really liked, and rediscover some artists I already heard of (I didn't know I liked Beck, Muse, and Death Cab for Cutie that much).
  19. The ability to obtain other superpowers upon my desire. I win.
  20. @Music talk: Irony, I've been working on making some music as well. So far, I have 30 seconds of epic, and 30min of useless samples and a capella recordings [FL Studio FTW]. I'm doing it in a way that it doesn't really sound like a remix, but music with a familiar voice. By the way, whenever I upload the stuff, you may hear a little bit of my own recording (listen to the piano and guitar; I tend to use the physical thing). My objective is to make music in all genres, so expect some foreign languages and 30s gangster movie instruments.
  21. Well, if that's what it takes, then so be it Unrelated: Earlier, I was trying to figure out what's the best song on Radiohead's In Rainbows. Turns out, I love every song too much to decide, even when factoring in disk 2. If I were to take anything off the list, it would be 15 Step (too much percussion/clapping )
  22. Reading your discussion on the debate thread idea kinda proves my point- we're all so cautious about this thread going out of control, we don't want it created. For perspective, this kinda reminds me about when the US Constitution was being created. The nation was split as to supporting the Federalist ideal of creating a centralized govornment, based on the fear that the govornment would be corrupted and turn to another monarchy. However, through the power of collaboration and civil obedience, they managed to create a system relatively unmodified for over 200 years. What I'm saying is, with enough structure, this could work. Rule one should be to open your mind, the second to respect no matter what. The latter is something this forum has done well for quite a while. Remember Yata? Despite his uncommon Wiccan beliefs, we treated him like everyone else, and the same to us. A third rule should be to not take anything as a personal offense, to keep in mind the debate is about collective beliefs, not them.
  23. ^Prepare to be attacked by at least five forum members... _________ Oh, and I've been thinking, should we create a philosophy/religion/politics discussion thread? I've always wanted to see what the PDN forumgoers believe. The only rule I'd suggest a no smear rule. As I recall, there used to be someone that insulted Christains in pretty much every thread he entered, becoming a counterexample of a model citizen. I believe, if done in a civil enogh fassion, this could become one of the most professionally executed threads around. I bring up the subject here because this is probably the least bitter community I've ever gone to.
  24. ^ That would be interesting @pyro: It's suprisingly hard to find Exogenesis Symphony tracks on Youtube, and they haven't really hit mp3 search engines. Youtube has either deleted the tracks or replaced the audio with other music (a few classical pieces). Got to hear part 1, though, and it put chills through my spine (except the begining-- too Star Trek).
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